This video deserves to stand on its own.

But I would just like to add that I can’t wait until Ben proposes to Courtney on top of the Matterhorn, and as he slides that massive Neil Lane rock onto her finger, she whispers “winning” (or better yet, “won”) and he knows that means “yes” because by then they’ve learned to speak the secret languages of each other’s hearts, and then at their beautiful intimate televised wedding, the groom in his tux and tails and ironic monocle and the bride in her form-fitting all-black wedding dress (very fashion forward, very Black Swan) dance to this song, which is THEIR song, which perfectly encapsulates their love story and what a wonderful, giving and above all faithful wife and mother Courtney is going to make for Ben.

Watch and let Courtney take you on a musical journey through her heart:

It’s like the phrases a talking Barbie might say if she came alive to murder you, Chucky-style: I got the ro-oooose, winning, WINNING, I do modeling, let’s go bikini-less, I’m a move-maker, KILL SHOT.

(Image courtesy of ABC)