There’s been an interesting debate floating around the Supernatural fandom that I’ve ignored until now, mainly because I’ve been afraid to open a giant can of worms.  However, the worms are already crawling all around the Internet, so it’s time to jump head first into this controversial discussion. 

In the new season Supernatural, it’s been heavily implied that Sam has been carrying on an off-screen fling with the demonic Ruby.  Not only did Dean find a bra in his brother’s motel room in the season premiere, but Jared Padalecki himself recently told TV Guide that Sam and Ruby may be lovers.  According to the show’s mythology, demons are innocent people possessed by an evil force, and those people can sometimes catch glimpses of the terrible things their demonic puppeteers make them do.  If Sam actually is sleeping with Ruby, he’s violating the body of an innocent girl who may never touch him otherwise.  Does that make our beloved Sammy a rapist?

Before I dive into this maelstrom, let me mention that there’s been no confirmation of any fling between Sam and Ruby.  The series has hinted at the idea a couple times, but it’s yet to address the topic head on.  When Padalecki spoke with TV Guide, he theorized that it’s possible the duo have been lovers “from the first episode this season, when Dean returns and Ruby is in her underwear and Sam is coming out of the bathroom.  It’s hinted that Sam and Ruby have a bit more going on than, ‘Hey, let’s study how to kill demons.'” 

Assuming Sam and Ruby are indulging in some extracurricular activities, I can see how the situation could be construed as rape.  Sam would basically be having sex with a walking, talking, lisping coma patient, which is all kinds of wrong.  However, I really don’t believe the writers intended to paint Sam as a rapist.  It was likely an oversight on the part of Eric Kripke and the rest of the Supernatural staff, which means the rape issue will probably never be addressed on the show.  Kripke also hasn’t released a statement addressing the debate, which has upset some fans.  While it may be nice for him to extinguish the flames of this argument, it’s possible he doesn’t even know it’s happening.  Kripke is a busy man, and he likely doesn’t have time to address every debate that pops up online.

Is sex with a demon the same as rape in the Supernatural universe?  We can debate that question for ages, but for now it’s a pointless argument.  There’s yet to be anything on the show proving that Sam and Ruby slept together, which means we can’t come to a conclusion about his actions one way or another.  I urge fans to wait and see how this storyline plays out before judging Sam.  He may be heading down a dark path, but I don’t think Eric Kripke ever intended us to be asking this particular question.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: TV Guide
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