24 isn’t particularly known for its easter eggs.  In fact, the term “easter eggs” wasn’t even all that well known before Lost came around and has rarely been used in the 24 world.  It’s quite interesting, then, to find a easter egg, an interactive easter egg at that, within the 24 universe.  On Sunday, FOX aired 24: Redemption, the two-hour season 7 prequel set in Africa, and about thirty minutes in, viewers who were paying especially close attention were treated to a little something special.  When Carl Benton calls Jack in the first hour of 24: Redemption, Jack’s phone number was visible.  It was Southern California zip code.  So, please feel free to re-watch the episode, find the number and call it.

OK, we won’t make you re-watch the episode. That would be unnecessarily cruel and probably not worth the time. It depends on how much you like free ring tones. If you call Jack’s number (which is 310-597-3781) you are told to go to a secret website. The website isn’t really that secret. It’s www.sprint.com/24. Once there, if you type in the secret passcode (“24”) then you will receive a free ring tone. And, honestly, who couldn’t use a free ring ton every now and then? A tip of the cap to BuddyTV user Ashley for the tip. Good eyes, Ash!

24: Redemption has been met with mixed to slightly positive reviews. Just taking a census of some of my friends tonight, the reaction ranged from mild excitement to complete indifference to abject hatred (though this friend might have been slightly inebriated and/or had a bad day). Regardless of how fans felt, they did watch. 24: Redemption averaged about 12 million viewers in its two-hour air time, besting the season 6 finale by a good 20 percent, though the 12 million is down almost 25 percent from the season six premiere. 24 hasn’t won all of its fans back yet, but it appears to be on the right track.

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