Teen Wolf is back, and with its return the endgame has finally arrived. While the first half of season 6 was a solid start and a proper “goodbye” to Stiles (though he will appear in these final 10 episodes), The Wild Hunt didn’t really feel like a series ending threat.

In the summer premiere, titled “Said the Spider to the Fly,” Teen Wolf ramps things up considerably and truly makes it feel like the end is nigh. As Scott, Lydia and Malia get ready to leave Beacon Hills to go to college and start the next chapter of their lives, all hell starts to break loose, dragging them back into the life they were about to leave.

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Beginnings and Endings

It’s not just one thing that goes wrong; it’s more like everything goes wrong. The animals of Beacon Hills are all out of whack. Wolves are showing up all over, rapid, bloody and in their most disturbing form — totally dead — with spiders crawling out of their every orifice. Rats are killing each other in fear and ending up in a bloody mess of guts and rodent corpses. A new guidance counselor has joined the new school, and per the usual Beacon Hills hiring practices, she is clearly evil. There is also a new student named Nolan, who is either doing a great job of playing a detached, dead-eyed sociopath or is such a terrible actor that Corey is giving him tips. 

These are all just par for the creepy course; the real important development is that a new Hellhound is borne (or created whatever) in the depths of Eichen House. This incredibly studly hound man proceeds to walk all over Beacon Hills, including the high school, with no one noticing because logic has never been this show’s strong suit. The Hellhound has been let loose because when the gang saved Stiles from the Wild Hunt, something (with a capital S) was released. 

Since the core three (Lydia, Scott and Malia) are getting ready to leave town, it is up to Liam and Mason to try to take on this new threat. This is torturous. In between half-seasons, Hayden has moved away, and this has caused Liam to become even more of a whiny crybaby than he was already with her around. It doesn’t help that Liam and Mason are totally out of their depths as well. So not only are they incompetent, but Liam is back to the moody, unstable version of himself that he was in previous seasons. 

Eventually, by sheer dumb luck, Liam finds himself coming face-to-face with the mysterious Hellhound. Teen Wolf being Teen Wolf, a deadly brawl with a lot of unnecessary parkour breaks out. While Liam might suck at most things, his time with Scott has given him the fighting skills (or “plot armor”) needed to survive this fight. Liam fights the new Hellhound to a standstill, but both must run for cover and protection. Now the real heroes get involved. 

“Just When I Thought I was Out…”

As Lydia is getting ready to leave with Scott for their next level of education, she receives one of her terrifying visions. This prevents my personal nightmare of having a final season where Liam and Mason are front and center. The vision informs Lydia that some monster is loose because of The Wild Hunt and that hunters are about to descend on Beacon Hills. Lydia is convinced of something that everyone watching should have known from the jump: she and everyone else can’t leave town … not yet, anyway. 

Lydia grabs Scott, and together they manage to rope in a somewhat reluctant Malia. Together, the trio tries to track down the Hellhound. They figure out that the new Hellhound can lead them to this new threat. Someone has gotten to the Hellhound first.

It turns out the mysterious guidance counselor is, in fact, one of the hunters that will soon be all over the town. The counselor isn’t just any hunter, however. She shoots the Hellhound in the head, seemingly killing him, with one of the ultra-powerful Argent bullets. This hunter, at least, has association with an Argent. Lydia, Scott and Malia don’t find any of this out, however. They just find the Hellhound’s corpse with an Argent bullet casing nearby (though history suggests that they really should look at the school’s most recent hire for their number one suspect).

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Special Agent (In Training) Stilinski

The trio has other matters on their minds, however. Knowing something wicked is coming, they are forced to decide if they should call Stiles back home. Though they recognize that Stiles won’t be happy with them if they decide to leave him out, they don’t call. Scott wants Stiles to happy at the FBI because Stiles has been able to move on (and Dylan O’Brien’s availability demanded that this whole thing happen).

As mentioned, the final season won’t be completely bereft of Stiles. At his FBI internship, Stiles goes to his first class and, besides proving that Stiles at the academy would be an excellent spin-off, a big hint about his story is dropped. The teacher shows footage of someone the FBI believes to be a mass murderer running through the woods. This “murderer” is none other than Derek Hale. Unlike the guidance counselor being a hunter, this is an actually surprising twist. 

What did you think of the summer premiere? Are you ready for the show to end? Are you disappointed that the gang didn’t call Stiles? What do you think is going on with Derek? How important will it be to the end of the show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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