Also, there is a lot of wolf stuff. But the semi-nudity/nakedness (they’re the same thing) is the most important part of the season 2 premiere, “Omega.” After all, this is Teen Wolf! Shirts are optional.

But there’s also a plot. You might even want to know a little about that plot. If so…

Sexy Moon Time

A full Moon rises over a misty lake. Which brings up an important question: Was the Moon full (or close to it) in the season 1 finale? Because the Teen Wolf season 2 premiere takes place within days of when we last saw the wild kids of Beacon Hills.

Not that it matters for more than a moment, because Jackson emerges from the lake, resplendent in an artfully torn white shirt! Ah, Teen Wolf, don’t ever change!

Leaving Jackson for the moment (unless you press pause on your DVR — and that’s OK!), we move on to Scott and Alison. Despite an earlier incident, in which Mr. Argent strongly disapproved of and nearly killed Scott, our resident Romeo and Juliet are still at it.

The kids almost manage to have some sexy times while Ma and Pa Argent are elsewhere, but of course Mrs. Argent comes home early for the express purpose of ruining her daughter’s life.

Lydia, Oh Lydia…

Lydia is not dead. She may not be a werewolf (hard to say) but she is still a bit of a bitch as she prepares for a slow-mo shower. Obviously this is going to end badly.

As the girl enjoys the excellent hospital plumbing, trouble emerges. From the drain. As it always does when television or movies really, really want to freak me out. I mean, seriously, It anyone?

Lydia’s drain horror initially consists of dark, ink-like liquid. She doesn’t notice it for the longest time (as all TV showering must involve closed eyes), but eventually the yuckiness is too much to ignore. As she investigates, Lydia finds handfuls of long, icky hair in the water. This seems to be rather frightening to the girl, who lets out a blood-curdling scream.

Meanwhile in the lobby, Stiles has taken up residence. Sleeping across uncomfortable chairs and engaging in epic vending-machine battles, young Stilinski protects his lady love. Kind of. At her scream, Stiles (along with Mrs. McCall and Lydia’s dad) rushes into the bathroom.

Lydia is gone. The water is clear. And the window is open.

Out in the woods, Lydia’s scream echoes through the night. Here comes trouble…

Hanging Out, Werewolf-Style

Using Lydia’s bloodied hospital gown as a guide, Stiles, Scott and Alison head into the woods to track Lydia. They reach Derek’s old house before Stiles acts like Stiles and manages to catch Scott in a trap.

This immediately brings Mr. Argent and his crew of faceless Hunter-types to the scene. Mr. Argent spends some quality time informing Scott of exciting and bloody ways to discourage bad werewolf behavior (and probably teen sex with his precious daughter). Then they leave Scott hanging upside-down.

Fresh Blood

We’re getting new werewolves this season, and candidate number one turns out to be Isaac, an abused kid who apparently spends his nights digging graves with heavy machinery. I’m pretty sure there are laws against this, but we’ll just ignore that for now.

Anyway, Isaac is soon distracted by dark and scary shadows racing past him in the night. One such shadow seems to plunder a nearby corpse, but Isaac topples into Kate’s freshly dug grave before identifying the monstrous culprit.

Is it Lydia out there in the night? Maybe, because it’s not Derek. Our favorite Alpha does show up, however, offering to lend Isaac a helping hand. And maybe a bite. Good thing too, because Isaac’s life pretty much sucks otherwise. But the tables are about to turn on Isaac’s mean, violent dad!

Fast Times at Werewolf High

It’s all werewolves and Lydia at Beacon Hills High School the next day.

Scott and Stiles begin their day with a little conversation about whether or not werewolves like to eat human livers (with a nice Chianti?). Stiles is worried about Lydia. Scott turns it all back to Alison. Normal day.

Jackson shows up next, looking very Top Gun. The newest werewolf shows his coolness by tipping a homeless guy a dollar before getting the man kicked off the property. As this scene has absolutely no purpose whatsoever at this time, WATCH OUT FOR THIS IMPORTANT PLOT POINT TO RETURN SOON!

But not now.

A crazy lacrosse-coach speech (naked girls, frozen testicles, etc.) and some more generalized douchiness from Jackson bring us to chemistry. Creepy Chemistry Teacher is creepy and gives Stiles detention, later increasing the creepy with talk of discipline. Jackson finds all of this quite amusing until his nose starts to bleed.

The blood is black. Kind of like that goop in Lydia’s shower.

Even in the bathroom, the black blood continues to flow. Derek appears (as he so often does at that school) to show Jackson who’s boss but freaks out a little at the site of all that black blood. Fair enough, considering that it is soon pouring out of Jackson’s ear.

Jackson is “fighting the bite.” Remember how not everyone is supposed to survive the bite? Looks like Jackson might be in some trouble. Since we next see him shivering in bed, surrounding by blackened tissues, this might mean a lot of trouble. On the other hand, Jackson and his lovely abs could never leave the show altogether. The abs must endure!

In happier news, Scott and Alison get to be all lovey-dovey with notes and secret trysts in abandoned classrooms. She’s worried about the fallout from Crazy Aunt Kate. But Scott assures her he’ll always be there. Awwwwwww… They’re so doomed.

Death, Death and More Death

Crazy Aunt Kate’s funeral turns out to be a bit of a media circus. A major one, if that KIRO news van — from the Seattle-area CBS affiliate, in case you were wondering — is any indication. The Argents have to fight their way through reporters to sit alone at Kate’s grave.

Or maybe not quite alone. A white-haired man and his two sunglasses-wearing henchmen arrive moments later. This combination of menacing and jovial can only mean another member of the family: Grandpa Gerard Argent.

Hiding behind a monument across the cemetery, Scott and Stiles watch the whole thing. Briefly. Then, Sheriff Stilinski hauls the boys to his police car. But the Sheriff has bigger problems. It seems that an ambulance has suffered a bizarre attack — a dead heart-attack victim en route to the hospital was ravaged by an unidentified beast.

Could it be Lydia?

Scott and Stiles think so. They sneak (slowly, since it’s nighttime before they get there) over to the bloody ambulance to watch the commotion. Scott gets a scent and chases it through the woods. Soon, another creature is visible. Scott attacks and…

Nope. Not Lydia.

This werewolf is dirty and wild — the homeless guy from the school parking lot! See! Important plot point!

Alas for the Homeless Wolfman, the hunters have set a trap and soon arrive. Saved only by the arrival of Derek, Scott watches in horror as Gerard, Mr. Argent and the henchmen converge on the homeless guy. As it turns out, the man is an Omega — a lone werewolf desperate to find a pack.

Gerard isn’t such a fan of the lone wolf. Or any wolf, for that matter. Although the Homeless Wolfman hasn’t hurt anyone living, Gerard cuts the creature in half with his handy sword.

This is very icky. Also, screw the Code, it’s time for war!

Lydia, the Naked Lady!

While the girl hasn’t been eating livers (probably), Lydia is still out in the woods. Naked. She reappears at the ambulance scene, much to the unending ecstasy of Stiles. The girl seems to be her normal, bitchy self. You know, other than the naked-for-two-days-in-the-forest thing.

So What Now?

Like any good premiere episode, Teen Wolf begins season 2 with more questions than answers. Namely:

  • Will Jackson become a werewolf, or will he succumb to the black goop?
  • How long until new-werewolf Isaac takes out his jerk of a father?
  • What the heck is up with Lydia?
  • Is there a requirement at Beacon Hills High that all teachers must be clinically insane?
  • Are we about to see fighting between Argent father and son?
  • Can Scott and Alison make it?

But most importantly:

  • How many semi-naked cast members can we get in one episode? “Omega” did pretty well — Jackson, Scott, Alison and Lydia provided eye-candy. Can Derek be next? Please?

There will be more unclothed beauty in the next episode of Teen Wolf season 2 — the second part of the premiere airs on Monday, June 4 at 10pm. Until then, check out all the Teen Wolf fun we have to offer, follow me on Twitter for the latest in TV musings (and/or whatever I feel like saying) and leave your comments below!

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