The HBO epic Game of Thrones has more characters than any other show on TV, and in order to keep up with the book series, the drama will be adding even more faces to season 3. has obtained a list of some of the new characters Game of Thrones will introduce in season 3, including quite a few who will be recognizable even if you’re not a fan of the books.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have NOT read the Game of Thrones books, nor do I intend to. I have done a little bit of research on these new characters, but beyond that I’ve tried to keep as far away from book spoilers as possible.

So if you don’t want to have even the slightest glimpse of book spoilers for Game of Thrones, stop reading.

Based on these new characters, a few storylines for season 3 become clear. Jon Snow’s arrival at Manse Rayder’s camp will become a big part of what’s to come. We’ll also get more insight into the families of Catelyn Stark, Stannis Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell. And you know that mysterious “Brotherhood” the torturers at Harrenhal have been trying to get information on? Well, it seems like that will become a big plot for season 3.

Now here’s a list of the new characters, and a brief description of how they fit into the story.

Manse Rayder: The King Beyond the Wall, we’ve heard all about Manse, a former member of the Night’s Watch, throughout season 2. So it comes as no surprise that he will show up in season 3.

Tormund Giantsbane: A Wildling raider who works for Manse Rayder.

Daario Naharis: He is a warrior who, in the books, is in charge of a group that defends a city against an invasion by Daenerys Targaryen.

Jojen and Meera Reed: A teenage brother and sister duo with Bran-like powers, they are the children of one of Ned Stark’s allies and they come to Winterfell in the books.

Edmure Tully: Catelyn Stark’s younger brother.

Brynden Tully: Catelyn’s uncle, known as the Blackfish.

Selyse Florent: Stannis Baratheon’s wife.

Shireen: Stannis Barathon’s daughter.

Olenna Redwyne: Known as the Queen of Thorns, she is Margaery Tyrell’s sharp-witted grandmother.

Beric Dondarrion: He is a knight and leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners, the group Tywin Lannister’s men at Harrenhal have been trying to find through torture. He was briefly seen in season 1 when Ned Stark ordered him to take a group of men and hunt down and execute The Mountain.

Thoros of Myr: He is a red priest (like Melisandre) and has connections to King Robert and the Brotherhood.

So whether you’ve read the books or not, what do you think of these new characters? Are you as excited as I am to finally see Manse Rayder? And is it just me, or does Margaery’s grandma Olenna sound like a pretty awesome character who is sure to be one of my new favorites for season 3?

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