After the failure of Skins, MTV is having a much better time with Teen Wolf. The show is averaging about 1.7 million viewers per episode and, today, the network officially picked up Teen Wolf for a second season.

The 12-episode season 2 will air sometime in 2012, but for now fans can still catch new episodes Mondays at 10pm. The werewolf drama follows Scott (Tyler Posey) as he struggles to adapt to his new life as a werewolf.

It’s also, surprisingly, the best show of the summer. When MTV first announced it was turning the cheesey ’80s film into a teen drama, I, like many others, was incredibly skeptical. But week after week, Teen Wolf is smart, funny, dramatic and full of entertaining twists and turns.

Where else can you find a sidekick as endlessly amusing as Stiles, a hyperactive kid whose quick wit gets him through scary situations. Or Lydia, the token mean girl who, it turns out, is great at math and knows how to make a Molotov Cocktail. The characters on Teen Wolf aren’t the traditional stereotypes you expect to see on a drama.

If you’re worried about supernatural overexposure, with True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Twilight, don’t, because Teen Wolf adds something new and different to that list. First, the executive producer has promised that there will never be vampires, so let’s hope he stays true to that promise now that the show is going to be lasting even longer. Second, Teen Wolf is as dark and moody as The Vampire Diaries, but with an edgier and more sarcastic humor. Sure, there’s romantic drama, but more often than not, Teen Wolf doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Even in the short time it’s been on the air, Teen Wolf has introduced characters who have a lot of potential. There’s Katie, Allison’s bad-ass, werewolf-hunting aunt as well as the veterinarian who may or may not know more about werewolves than he lets on and the creepy chemistry teacher who is certainly hiding something. The show also has an openly gay student athlete, Danny, who has had very little screentime but who could use a lot more, as could the incredibly funny lacrosse coach played by stand-up comic Orny Adams.

Hopefully Teen Wolf will stay great in season 2, but for now, I’m just happy we’ll get to see more of this great and surprising new show.

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John Kubicek

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