In this episode of Teen Wolf, “The Beast of Beacon Hills,” Scott and his friends hunt for Mason, Parrish joins forces with Chris and Gerard, and the Desert Wolf readies to take back her power.

The Beast is finally out of the bag, and it’s Mason. Not a huge shock, since viewers wouldn’t be emotionally invested in some rando teenager. This also raises the stakes for Scott and the pack. This should hit Liam the hardest since not only is his girlfriend a re-animated chimera, but his bestie is a vicious killer driven by bloodlust who is systematically killing the citizens of Beacon Hills.

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The Dread Doctors Strike Again

Mason wakes up in the tunnels with Corey. Even in times of crisis, there’s time for cuddling. Mason has a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that he’s The Beast. Corey talks Mason through recent events, trying to get Mason to account for his whereabouts when The Beast made an appearance, but he draws a blank.

Not only is Mason grappling with his supernatural Mr. Hyde, but he realizes he’s got the Dread Doctors to deal with, and his fears become a reality when they make their entrance. Corey and Mason try to make a run for it but find themselves surrounded. He and Corey make a last-ditch escape through a storm grate, but Mason is drawn to the Doctors calling his name. Corey takes a hit and goes down, and the Dread Doctors carry away their creation.

The Mask

Theo wants Josh to put on the mask he stole from Valack so they can locate The Beast. Josh doesn’t understand how or why he drew the short straw until Deucalion explains that the properties of the mask are based in electromagnetism, which happens to be the source of Josh’s powers. Josh starts to raise the mask to his face but balks at the last minute, telling Theo that if he wants to know who The Beast is, he can wear it himself.

Lydia and the Sheriff Intercept Parrish

Parrish is trying to get out of town, but Lydia and the Sheriff are desperate to foil the Hellhound’s escape plan. The Sheriff knows what direction Parrish is headed thanks to dispatch and lays out a chain of spikes that flatten all of the tires on Parrish’s car.

Lydia and the Sheriff try to convince Parrish to stay. He’s convinced that people will die if he does, but Lydia believes he was drawn to Beacon Hills for a reason. She’s been dealing with seeing dead people a lot longer than Parrish, and she tells him there is a margin for error when it comes to her visions. Maybe the people Parrish sees die not because he stays, but as the result of him leaving.

Bad News Travels Fast

Kira, Scott, Stiles, Malia and Braeden have convened at Scott’s house. Scott needs time to heal after his multiple run-ins with The Beast.

Malia is forced to give Stiles some bad news. She suspects her mother not only wants to kill her, but Stiles as well.

Scott wakes up healed and determined to find Mason. They’re going to hit the usual hot spots: school, woods, hospital, etc., but they need some other ideas. Scott says they can ask Corey, who just happened to be invisible and lurking in the kitchen. Just because they can’t see you doesn’t mean they can’t smell you.

Corey tells Scott that the Dread Doctors took Mason. When we see Mason next, they are drilling a hole in the back of his head, which cannot be good.

Theo and Scott Work Together

Things are not going well for Theo. Both Corey and Hayden are missing, and Josh is being completely insubordinate. But things could be looking up. It turns out Deucalion had the ability to escape any time he wanted, which he demonstrates to Theo. The purpose of this little ruse is twofold: 1) Deucalion proves he can be trusted, and 2) now he can help Theo take down Scott. His advice is pretty simple: Pain. Life. Power. Take all three, in that order. 

Theo immediately takes Deucalion’s advice and kills Josh, sucking up his powers as well. Now Theo can put on the mask. As soon as he does, he begins screaming in agony.

He recovers quickly because he and Tracy meet up with Liam and Scott in the locker room at school. Scott knows that Theo took the mask from Eichen and wants to know if he used it. Theo won’t tell them what he saw, other than it wasn’t Mason, but he does want to work together to achieve a common goal: getting Mason back. Scott points out that the difference is they want him back alive. Theo is open to compromise. He wants Scott to bring the map of telluric currents to the Dread Doctors’ operating theater. Scott is desperate, so he’s got little choice but to comply.

Deucalion was hiding out of sight — no pun intended — and Tracy points out that they don’t need Scott and Liam to find Mason. That may be true, but Deucalion says they’ll need them to gain Mason’s trust.

Liam and Scott arrive at the operating theater and learn that the Dread Doctors have a weakness. They derive their power from a being called “The Soldier.” He was, among other things, a World War II soldier, a Nazi and an Alpha werewolf. Wherever the Dread Doctors goes, so does the Soldier. Keeping the Soldier alive requires a power source that is underground and along a telluric current, hence the need for the map.

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Kira Goes on a Mission

Elsewhere, Kira convinces her father that she needs her sword back in order to help her friends. Daddy took it away when his daughter failed to keep her inner Fox in check. He disassembled it and tells his daughter she’ll need a little help putting it back together. This involves Kira leaving town, but she calls and leaves Scott a voice message promising she’ll return.

The Desert Wolf Returns

Everybody else is on the lookout for Mason. Hayden and Corey are at the school, Melissa is at work, Lydia and Stiles are at the police station, and Malia and Braeden are at Scott’s. Malia is still on supernatural lockdown thanks to mommy dearest.

Speaking of the Desert Wolf, her powers may be greatly diminished, but she’s still got super-good hearing. As Malia checks in with Lydia, the Desert Wolf is lingering outside the police station and overhears the exact location of where her daughter is hiding.

A Daring Rescue Attempt

Out in the woods, Liam, Scott and Theo are searching for Mason. Scott questions where Deucalion is and warns Theo not to trust him. Theo suggests that Scott shouldn’t have let him live, and Scott says that’s because he’s not a murderer. Theo can’t believe that Scott is still laboring under the delusion that he’s going to get out of this current predicament without killing anyone.

Liam picks up a scent, but he’s hesitant to let Theo know where to go, since Theo wants to kill Mason. Theo insists that all he wants is the power, and if Liam needs to worry about anyone it’s Parrish. Liam wants to know who Theo saw when he put on the mask, and he says he saw a man dying in the snow, impaled on a spear. That would be Sebastien. Scott is familiar with the tale, Lydia told them.

Theo stresses that time is running out, and Liam gives in. They come to a ramshackle shack. They enter and see Mason hooked up to the Soldier. Mason has a tube embedded into the back of his skull, and when Scott attempts to try and pull it out, Mason cries out in pain. That’s about the time Scott notices the Dread Doctors.

The Argents’ Agenda

Word has reached Chris and Gerard that Mason is The Beast. Chris tells Gerard they have to tell Scott “the rest.” It seems there’s a chance Mason could be saved, but Gerard insists that Mason is a lost cause. Gerard and Chris are also trying to locate the pike. Chris comments that if they can’t find it, they’re going to need a lot of firepower to take on The Beast. Enter Parrish, fresh from a field trip to the Nemeton with Lydia. He touched the trunk and had some disturbing vision, which included Lydia with her throat apparently slashed. Parrish got something from that visit, something he can use to his advantage in the upcoming battle.

The Final Transformation

Theo, Scott and Liam take on the Dread Doctors, and Mason, seeing his friend in trouble, takes the initiative to pull the tube out of the back of his head. But no sooner is he free than he transforms into The Beast. No frequency required.

Malia and Braeden are in trouble. Tracy breaks the Mountain Ash barrier, allowing the Desert Wolf access to her daughter. The two exchange gunfire, but Braeden is able to disarm the Desert Wolf and trap her in a room bound by Mountain Ash.

Kira heads back to see the Skinwalkers. She promises to do whatever they want if they help her save her friends. They’re willing to help but at a price.

The Beast attacks the Dread Doctors, saving Scott and Liam. But Mason’s fate seems sealed as the Hellhound comes out of the woods and attacks The Beast. Gerard and Chris are on the Hellhound’s heels, and Chris shoots off a gun the size of a small cannon. The Beast transforms back into Sebastien. Damnatio Memoriae no more. Does this mean Mason is gone for good?

Teen Wolf airs Tuesdays at 9pm on MTV.

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