When Sheriff Stilinski finally found out about the werewolves and supernatural happenings in Beacon Hills, the audience let out a sigh of relief. While it’s great to have Papa Stilinski in on the secret, life is only looking to get more complicated for him now.

BuddyTV was lucky enough to sit down to chat with Teen Wolf star Linden Ashby about playing the Sheriff, dealing with a new deputy in season 3B, how he’s handling knowing the secret, and just when we might see some romance between Stilinski and Mama McCall. 

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Highlights From the Interview: 

  • Is Sheriff Stilinski an alcoholic? “I think he fell in the bottle and he climbed out of the bottle fairly quickly. It was never a real problem,” Linden Ashby says. 
  •  He’s ecstatic with how his character has developed and he gives props to creator Jeff Davis and the writers. 
  • “Now that he knows about the supernatural elements I think it opens up a whole new chapter in Stilinski’s evolution.” 
  • As a police officer he’ll have to rethink cases he couldn’t solve before and now look at them with new information. If he had known before what he knows now, would he have done things differently? 
  •  What Ashby loves about the show is that people can make mistakes and muddle through as best they can.
  •  Will the Sheriff get some action from Mama McCall? “I think there’s a lovely chemistry there,” says Ashby diplomatically. 
  • Jeff Davis mentioned there will be a new deputy joining the force in season 3B. What will his  relationship with the Sheriff look like? “You’re mentoring a young guy in your profession. He doesn’t know what I know and I can’t fill him in on what I know, but I can help him along.”
  • Now that Sheriff Stilinski knows the secret he’s on the inside looking out, but Scott’s dad doesn’t know the secret. 
  • We’ll learn more about Stiles’ mom, including how she died. 
  • Any behind the scenes dirt? The first year Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien, and Tyler Hoechlin all lived together. Tyler Hoechlin became like the den mother and the next year he moved out. Big laughs at the table from that story. 
  • Ashby says the cast has all grown up while on the show. “There’s a lot of laughing and a lot of inappropriate crap.” 
  •  “It’s never good if you have an interest in a woman to have her ex-husband show up in town again,” Ashby says of Scott’s dad being back in the picture. Drama!
  • The relationship between Sheriff Stilinski and Scott is going to change in the coming season. “I think it actually makes my relationship with Scott better, because now I can’t just look at him as that knuckleheaded kid that hangs out with Stiles.”
  • He was initially stumped when asked about his favorite scene to shoot because there have been so many good ones. Ashby says there was a “Scooby Doo” moment in one of the episodes and no one could get through the scene without laughing. 
  • His favorite scene was at the end of season two, where Stiles does great in the lacrosse game and Sheriff Stilinski tells him he’s a hero. 

Are you shipping Sheriff Stilinski and Mama McCall? Are you excited he knows the secret now? Sound off in the comments! 

Teen Wolf premieres January 6 at 10pm ET on MTV.

(Image and video: Morgan Glennon)

Morgan Glennon

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