After 4 seasons, Nikita came to a close with an emotional series finale. There was a lot to love about the action drama, including the complicated relationship between the couple at the heart of the series. Michael and Nikita did not have it easy, even at the end, but their love was strong enough to overcome everything they came up against. Take a look at 15 moments that made us fall in love with this sexy spy couple.

#15 “You Focus All Your Energy on One Point.” — Nikita

“London Calling”: After seeing Michael with his son, Nikita knew he had a choice to make and that it would be easier for him to make said choice if she was not around. Nikita left Michael in London so he could choose between raising his son and continuing the fight against Division. It was a huge sacrifice on Nikita’s part, but she did it because she wanted Michael to be happy, even if it meant they could not be together. This was not a joyful Michael/Nikita scene, but it was important because of what Nikita was willing to give up so Michael could have a family again.

#14 “It Has Been a Long Time Since Anything as Good as You Has Happened in My Life.” — Michael

“Glass Houses”: In his role as Percy’s right-hand man, Michael had to spend so much time thinking about worst-case scenarios that he almost stopped believing happy endings were possible. But Nikita changed that when she showed Michael the truth about Division and gave him a way to make things better. Michael’s sincerity as he explained his reasons for doubting that Nikita could save the guardian and her family made this one of my favorite scenes from the first season.

#13 “Just Like Old Times.” — Nikita

“Pilot”: This was the moment that started it all for fans of Michael and Nikita. Michael — horrified that Nikita would give up her freedom for a revenge mission — told Nikita that he could not protect her anymore. In turn, Nikita challenged Michael to stop her or let her go. Michael lowered his guard and Nikita shot him, thus beginning the most beloved love story in the show’s history.

#12 “I Can See Our Future Again.” — Nikita

“Wrath”: Nikita apologized for the horrible things she said to Michael while they were being held captive. Michael understood that Nikita only said those things because she did not love herself and he promised to help her learn how to do just that. Nikita relaxed into Michael’s embrace, finally able to see things clearly again. At the end of an emotionally devastating episode, this moment felt like a release. Michael and Nikita went through hell and came out on the other side stronger and more in love than ever. What more could Mikita fans ask for?

#11 “You Have Me.” — Nikita

“One Way”: Michael was about to go on a suicide mission to take down the man who killed his family and Nikita begged him to reconsider. As Michael began to say goodbye, Nikita told him that he was wrong in thinking he had nothing to live for because he had her. Since the pilot, Nikita made it clear that she wanted Michael on her side, but this was the first time we saw the depth of Nikita’s feelings for Michael. And that made it all the more heartbreaking when Michael chose to carry out his mission anyway.

#10 “We Could Go Anywhere, Do Anything.” — Nikita

“Bubble”: In the show’s penultimate episode, Michael and Nikita were happier than we had ever seen them. Believing that Amanda and MDK had been taken care of, they began to plan for their future. We finally learned Michael’s last name — Bishop — and that he planned to leave the violence of war behind him to focus on teaching instead. Though it was clear this was just the calm between the storms, it was wonderful to see the recently reunited couple share a moment of connection before their lives were up-ended once again.

#9 “You’re the Strongest Person I’ve Ever Met.” — Nikita

“Covenants”: Michael was distraught when he learned the truth about Percy’s role in the deaths of his wife and daughter. He told Nikita about the future he planned for his family and how he intended to kill Percy for taking that away from him. Nikita promised Michael his revenge, as soon as they found the rest of Percy’s black boxes. Shane West’s devastating performance, combined with Nikita’s instant forgiveness of Michael’s planned double-cross, made this one of the most memorable Michael/Nikita scenes.

#8 I Love You, Damn It, Just Go.” — Michael

“Intersection”: Thanks to Amanda, Michael wound up trapped beneath a burning car. With the car about to explode and time running out, Michael told Nikita to leave him to die so at least she would survive. Nikita refused to abandon the man she loved and she cut off his hand to free him. It was a bold move, for the character and the show, but it proved that Nikita would stop at nothing to save Michael’s life and it gave the couple a real challenge to overcome.

#7 “If You Want to Save Me, Save Yourself.” — Nikita

“Til Death Do Us Part”: In order to survive the nano-toxin he had been dosed with, Michael had to die. When Sonya’s attempts to resuscitate him failed, Nikita begged Michael to come back to her and Michael followed Nikita’s voice back to the land of the living. Nikita’s words managed to make Michael’s heart beat again when nothing else could, a sure sign of the strength of their love.

#6 “The Real Gift isn’t Freedom — It’s What We Get to Do with It.” — Nikita

“Canceled”: Our very last glimpse of the spy couple found them relaxing on a beach in Ecuador. With their pardons giving them the freedom to do whatever they wanted, Nikita told her new husband that she had an idea for their honeymoon and it involved another life-saving mission. It was a surprisingly happy ending for the couple, but a most-welcome one after all they had been through. And letting us know that Nikita and Michael will spend the rest of their lives working together to save innocents was the perfect way to end the series.

#5 “Give Me the Damn Glock!” — Michael

“3.0″: In the midst of a rescue mission, Michael had to go back for Nikita’s engagement ring, yelling as much at her when Nikita questioned why he was running back into the fray. The look on Nikita’s face when she realized Michael had just spontaneously proposed was priceless. I debated whether or not to include the more traditional proposal scene at the end of this episode, but this one just felt more fitting for our spy couple.

#4 “I Don’t Need You as My Partner in the Field. I Need You as My Partner in My Life.” — Nikita

“Survival Instincts”: To break Michael out of his funk, Nikita challenged him to spar the way they used to back in their Division days. Michael took the bait and it gave Nikita a chance to get through to him. After losing his hand, Michael just wanted to put the past behind him and move forward with his life. While Nikita understood that, she would not let their love be something he left behind and she vowed to never stop fighting for him. One of the best things about these two was that when one of them fell, the other refused to let them stay down.

#3 “Things Will Be Different.” — Nikita

“Covenants”: Most shows would stretch out the “will-they-or-won’t-they” sexual tension between their leads for seasons, but the Nikita writers chose a different path. Just 17 episodes into the first season, Nikita and Michael reunited and re-committed to one another, resulting in one of the show’s sexiest and most romantic moments. Not only was this an important scene for Michael/Nikita fans, it was also a major turning point for the show.

#2 “I’m Dead Without Him.” — Nikita

“Knightfall”: Michael and Nikita faced near-death experiences the way most of us face traffic jams, but this one was way too close for comfort. There weren’t many words in this scene, but the way Nikita launched herself into Michael’s arms and clung to him so hard he could barely breathe, said everything. And the ease with which Maggie Q switched between Nikita’s emotions — her soul-crushing grief that the man she loved was dead, to her utter joy and relief when he emerged from the rubble — was incredible.

"I’m Dead Without Him." -- Nikita

#1 “I Have Evil Inside of Me, Michael.” — Nikita

“Wrath”: This is, arguably, the best episode of the series, in large part thanks to Maggie Q’s mesmerizing performance. Nikita’s palpable anger that Michael would sacrifice himself just so they could be together faded into devastation as she confessed that he would not love her if he knew what she was capable of. The raw anguish in Q’s delivery made this scene almost painful to watch. And Shane West’s earnestness as Michael told Nikita that he loved even the darkest parts of her was equally devastating. Their performances elevated the material and helped to make this the quintessential Michael/Nikita scene.

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