There’s more Teen Wolf right around the corner, and fans are about to lose their minds. The cult MTV supernatural drama has only become more popular with time. That’s probably because of its whip smart combination of humor, pathos, and super attractive people.

Before we dive into whatever craziness is sure to go down in the second half of season 3, here are some hints of what’s to come directly from executive producer Jeff Davis. 

BuddyTV was lucky enough to sit down with Davis at New York Comic Con to talk about whether Derek will finally get a nice vacation, what inspired the Kitsune myth in 3B, when we’ll be seeing more of Danny, and how long we’ll have to wait until we see those exciting Halloween episodes: 

Check out the full interview below:

Highlights from the interview: 

  • As we’ve previously reported, Teen Wolf was renewed for a 12 episode fourth season. Jeff Davis talks about how burnt out he was doing twice as many episodes in season 3. and how he’s looking forward to returning to a shorter season structure. 
  • The cast are all becoming big stars, so it’s nice to let the cast out to do some movies. They might return to 24 again for a fifth season.
  • He’s really excited for the new characters being introduced in the second half of season 3, especially the new female character played by Arden Cho. “We’re a male-heavy show, so we knew we needed another girl.”
  • Davis grew up on kung fu theater and ninja movies, which inspired him to incorporate the Kitsune myth. Also one of Davis’ best friends is Japanese and he’s been his creative consultant and Japanese expert. 
  • Davis talks about the inclusion of gay characters and how completely ordinary they’re portrayed. He didn’t want to show the characters as some sort of after school special. “I wanted it to be a representation that didn’t feel stereotypical.” 
  • He wanted a gay werewolf and a gay character who was well-liked, not bullied, and the captain of the team. He just wanted it to be a regular part of the world without being spotlighted. 
  • There will be new gay characters this season. A lesbian character from last season will reappear, and we’ll find out she’s bisexual. Someone at New York Comic Con last year asked why there weren’t more bisexuals on the show and he listened. 
  •  Davis likes to see real world representation on television.
  • We’ll be seeing more Danny this season, especially in episode 16. 
  • The alpha twins will be leaving to do an HBO show, but the door might stay open for them to return…if Davis doesn’t kill them. “I always threaten on set: don’t worry, I’ll kill you later.”
  • A reporter mentions he likes the fact that one alpha twin is gay and one is straight. “That’s me and my twin,” Davis says. “He has two kids and I have a very nice house.”
  • Season 3B picks up only a few weeks after season 3A, according to Davis, because they wanted to do a Halloween episode. “As in a lot of our show, the timeline is compressed.” Episode 15 is mischief night and episode 16 is their Halloween episode, which revolves around a blacklight party. 
  • I had to ask: Is Derek ever finally going to catch a break? Did he use his road trip to eat, pray, love across the country? “This is the season of Derek becoming a hero,” Davis says he told actor Tyler Hoechlin. We’ve seen him at the bottom and now we’ll see him built up again. 
  • “He’s a fun character to play with because he’s the tortured soul character and Hoechlin plays it so well.”

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Teen Wolf premieres January 6 at 10pm on MTV.

(Image and video: Morgan Glennon)

Morgan Glennon

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