This leg is a double elimination round, but it’s also Bill and Cathi’s second chance. As long as they don’t come in last, or second-to-last after their Speed Bump, they’re still in this. The teams start this crucial leg in Taipei. They are headed to Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

All the teams are surprised to hear of the double elimination, except for Justin and Jennifer, who may not have read everything and might not know the actual meaning of sibling rivalry. Ethan and Jenna still seem to think their lives are a big secret to everyone. All the teams tie up at the airport, waiting on an 8:45 am flight. Everyone is excited to see that Bill and Cathi are still in this.

I’m not sure that all these teams are as likeable as last season or the season before. I like some of them, but some Amazing Race villains might be emerging. Well, certainly teams who fight a lot. The teams fly to Jakarta, where they’ll catch a train to Yogyakarta. They’re all on the same train in, which makes Justin and Jennifer antsy. They talk over each other, repeating themselves, until they decide to wait on the train with everyone else.

Once they arrive in Yogyakarta, they will finally race by taxi to Goa Jomblang Cave for their next clue. Getting a good taxi is key! It seems like almost all the taxis are good (fast) in Indonesia. Bill and Cathi arrive at the clue first, having gotten the fastest of the fast taxi drivers. They are met with a Road Block, and also their Speed Bump. For the Road Block, teams must spelunk and deliver a mask and dagger to a guy at the top of a bamboo ladder. For the Speed Bump, Bill and Cathi will untangle a knotted rope. Goooooooo Bill and Cathi!

They make quick work of the rope tangle, and catch up with Cindy, Marie, and Marcus, who have begun their descent into hell the cave. There are so many challenges in The Amazing Race that I’m absolutely positive I could never even attempt. This is one of those challenges.

Other Bill lowers down, followed by Tommy, Justin, and Ethan. Jeremy, Zac, and Kaylani ended up down there, too. The teams soon realize that entering the cave is only half the battle. Coming out of it is the hard part, and climbing that ladder. Bill speeds ahead at the ladder and is first to receive his clue.

Detour! Shake Your Money Maker or Be a Ticket Taker. For “Money Maker,” teams have to earn tips by learning a traditional dance and how to play an instrument. For “Ticket Taker,” teams will have to park motorbikes to earn a certain amount of money. Ugh, no thanks to either of them! The money they earn will then go to children in an orphanage. BUT they have to surrender all the money in their possession in order to receive their next clue. I smell a devastating error ahead!

Liz and Marie, the twins, opt to dance for tips, while grandparents Bill and Cathi park motorbikes. Ron and Bill are the last team to leave the Road Block, just behind Lisa and Kaylani.

Ernie and Cindy stole a lot of Bill and Cathi’s bikes, and the snowboarders compete for the rest of the attention. Amani and Marcus learn the dance, but just walk up to cars in order to scare them into giving money to the orphans. Bill and Cathi head to the orphanage, along with Liz and Marie. Will they remember to give all their money?! I’m so worried.

Ernie and Cindy arrive first, and don’t surrender all their money. They head to Kraton Palace for the Pit Stop, but they’ve already made a huge mistake. Bill and Cathi make the same mistake, as do Liz and Marie. I hate when the racers make mistakes without knowing it!

Ron and Bill still have a chance. Andy and Tommy arrive at the orphanage, and NOTICE THE SIGN! That’s good news for them.

Ernie and Cindy arrive at the Pit Stop, and Phil breaks the news to them. Cough it up for the orphans, guys! Cindy absolutely hates herself for it, and whines the whole way back. Ethan and Jenna shake their money makers, but leave their Detour clue behind (pretty sure they need that). They realize in time before they drive away in a taxi, so they rush back to grab the clue.

Justin and Jennifer fail to read the sign, followed by Jeremy and Sandy and Amani and Marcus. Why couldn’t the sign be bigger!? Phil is so tricky.

FINALLY, Laurence and Zac read the sign, and so do Kaylani and Lisa. Liz and Marie head back to fix their mistake, and Bill and Cathi are sent back to do the same. Snowboarders Andy and Tommy arrive first and penniless, so they’re going to Ireland (on their own terms, thanks to Travelocity).

Ron and Bill finish hustling, and rush to the orphanage. God, I hope they read that sign. Justin and Jennifer are yelling at each other so loudly that they don’t even notice Jeremy and Sandy running back to give the orphanage their money.

Ethan applauds himself for raising money and giving it to the orphanage, which is “what [he’s] all about.” I loved him on Survivor, but he’s kind of a douche nozzle. They didn’t read the sign, either.

Laurence and Zac are officially the second team to arrive, and Kaylani and Lisa would have been eliminated, but Phil faked them out and they’re actually team number four. Ernie and Cindy are fourth, Liz and Marie are fifth, Jeremy and Sandy in sixth, and Bill and Cathi had a great recovery to finish seventh. Justin and Jennifer, despite their bickering, ended up in eighth.

Ron and Bill must be really far behind. Phil sends them back because of course they didn’t read that sign. The last team not to be eliminated is Amani and Marcus. So Ethan and Jenna and Ron and Bill didn’t make it in time. I’m kind of glad to see the Survivors go, since they already won a million dollars each. It’s unfortunate that Ron and Bill had to hand over all their money even though they were certainly in last place. I like them, and they consoled themselves with the knowledge that, “people would pay millions of dollars to have what we have.”

What a leg! Do you have a favorite team yet? Any teams you don’t like?

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