It seems that most competition series these days attempt to entice viewers with the promise of taking reality television to a whole new level but for Take the Money and Run,  it really does seem like the case. Imagine everyday people pitting against real life law enforcement and then add a $100,000 cash prize just to sweeten the pot. The premise certainly sounds interesting but can people really commit the perfect crime and get away with it?

Viewers are about to find out as ABC premieres this six-episode unscripted series on Tuesday, August 2 at 9pm.  The brainchild of Jerry Bruckheimer, Bertram van Munster, Jonathan Littman, Elise Doganieri and Philip Morrow, also known as the producers of The Amazing Race and the CSI franchise, Take the Money and Run hopes to deliver an “edge-of-your-seat spy thrill” through its intense cat and mouse format without the dramatic cliches of being thrown into a jungle or a deserted island.

Are you looking forward to Take the Money and Run?

(Image courtesy of ABC)

Dean Bextor

Staff Writer, BuddyTV