Parting is such sweet sorrow, and for one of the Top 11 on So You Think You Can Dance, it will be extra painful because they’ll be the first one cut from season 7.  Except for maybe Adechike Torbert, the guys are all safe, so it’s the ladies who should be shaking in their boogie shoes.

The first results show offers a glimpse into voting patterns, the bottom three dancing for their lives and, in a special premiere, the newest Justin Bieber music video.  I’ll do my best to avoid saying anything negative about the Bieb lest I get a tween girl fatwa on my head.

Cat Deeley Hair Update: It’s down tonight, out of the annoying bun.  Itlooks fantastic, and the woman is so darn tall that she doesn’t need to add even more height with an up-do.

It’s amazing how the results show group routines are always the worst part of American Idol and one of the best parts of So You Think You Can Dance.  The Top 11 work great together and they all get a chance to shine individually as well.

Mr. Nigel Lythgoe informs us that July 31 is National Dance Day.  If you go to you can see a routine from Nappy Tabs that the whole country should do on Dance Day.  That could be pretty cool, but even more awesome is Cat’s promise that she’ll test out Nappy Tabs’ instructional video and show off the dance next week.

Cat dancing!!!  I can’t wait.

Watch the Nappy Tabs Training Video>>

Alex Wong is…SAFE
Robert Roldan is…SAFE
Kent Boyd is…SAFE
Lauren Froderman is…SAFE

No surprises so far, though Robert was shocked.  However, that was overshadowed by Kent’s unbridled joy that Luaren was safe.  I smell romance rumors!

Billy Bell is…SAFE
Ashley Galvan is…SAFE
Melinda Sullivan is…IN THE BOTTOM 3
AleXie Agdeppa is…IN THE BOTTOM 3

Again, no surprises.   So far I’m 8/8 with predictions.

Jose Ruiz is…SAFE
Adechike Torbert is…SAFE
Cristina Santana is…IN THE BOTTOM3

Thank you, America!  The three dancers who I predicted to be in the Bottom 3 are there, which means, love it or hate it, the voters are on my side.  If Adechike can get blasted by the judges and still be safe, this really is the year of the guys, and I could honestly see a final four or five made up entirely of the boys.

The Bottom 3 Solo Performances

Melinda: The tapper does her thing, and I enjoy it a lot more than most tap solos because she has some real James Brown swagger.  I’m hoping that her personality can keep her safe, because she deserves another chance after suffering from bad luck of the draw.

Alexie: She does some standard contemporary stuff, and it’s absolutely nothing special.  She could definitely be in trouble.

Cristina: She shakes what her mama gave her all over the stage, but it seems a bit scattered, like she doesn’t know what to do.  I think I just have a real bias against solo ballroom dancing.  It’s kind of like playing “How many fingers am I holding up?” with yourself..

Justin Bieber Music Video

After Usher performs he unveils the new video for Justin Bieber’s “Somebody to Love.”  It’s pretty stylish, cool and a catchy song.  Damn it, Bieber, stop being so gosh-darn adorable!  This one-boy Canadian Army is taking over the world, and we’re powerless to stop the little lesbian lookalike.

Watch Justin Bieber’s “Somebody to Love”>>

The Final Results

Melinda was fine, but needs some fire.  Cristina had the passion, but not the technique.  Alexie lacked maturity, and for that…

Alexie Agdeppa s ELIMINATED!

I can’t say I’m shocked since I predicted her to go home second, but it was definitely a bad sign that the oldest dancer of the season was the most childish in her style.

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