The long wait to another round of Big Brother is almost over, but we barely know anything about it. Luckily, executive producer Allison Grodner was generous enough to share some of the details of season 12. Read on below to find out what she had to say.

Big Brother: After Dark Renewed

In an interview with TV Grapevine, Allison Grodner revealed a few bits and pieces regarding the new season of Big Brother. There’s news on the house, the house guests and what other surprises are coming this July.

“We’re excited for the summer,” she exclaimed. “We’re excited for a brand new cast of terrific competitors. And we do have that. There are personalities and backgrounds of people, types of people that we have not seen before in the Big Brother house, which is hard because we’ve been doing this now for 11, 12 seasons.”

Well, we’ve always had a variety of personas on Big Brother. It’s one of the reasons behind the show’s success. “It’s nice to be able to play with the mix a little bit, of personalities and backgrounds,” Grodner went on. “All different walks of life we have in the house. So we’re really excited about that.”

Speaking of the Big Brother house, it’s been redone. Last season, there was the eco-friendly version. But now?  

“We’re revamping the house,” Grodner admitted. “Unfortunately I can’t tell you much about that either, other than it’s definitely going to have a beach, sort of poolside theme to it. ‘Cause it’s summer, of course, and all of us are heading back to summer camp.”

Allison Grodner also addressed the rumor that this upcoming installment of Big Brother will be the last. “We never know for sure,” she said. “Obviously we’re amazed and honored to be on the air for 12 seasons. We’re one of the longest reality shows in production. You never know. Let’s hope that it’s not. Let’s hope that the ratings are strong.”

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We’re pretty sure they will, but in case, let’s all tune in once Big Brother debuts on CBS July 8.

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