We’re getting down to the wire here on Season 30 of Survivor: Worlds Apart. It seemed like Mike was on the outside and the next to go, but last week Carolyn voted out her closest ally instead. Let’s see if he can scramble his way into the finals.

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It’s the final six and Mike enjoyed the last Tribal Council because he finally got to see the “strong six” turn on each other. But he knows he’s still on the chopping block and in order for him to stay alive in this game he has to either find another hidden idol or keep winning immunity challenges.

Dan’s personal vendetta against Mike keeps growing stronger for some reason. He calls Mike arrogant, condescending and selfish in his confessional after Mike insults his masculinity by offering to help him with the fire. He also thinks that he’s in a position of power in this game because of his advantage. Newsflash Dan: Some strategizing is going to have to go into playing that advantage and that’s not your strong suit. Wait … what is your strong suit? I guess you can get back to me on that.

Carolyn wants to keep her options open in case Mike wins immunity again. She tells Mike that Dan’s advantage is an extra vote. He’s happy that Carolyn shared that with him and he feels like he can trust her. In her confessional, though, Carolyn says that if Mike doesn’t win again, he’s out.

Reward Challenge

This week, in order to win the reward, the survivors are split into two groups of three. They have to race through obstacles, untie knots, hatchet a rope to release puzzle pieces, collect the pieces from a haystack, and then solve the puzzle. The first team to finish, wins a helicopter ride over the island and a surf & turf lunch.

Of course Jeff has to feed the troll (Rodney, in this case. I know … there are several trolls to choose from on this season) and ask if he’s still upset about not going on a reward. And of course he’s upset! Didn’t you hear? Last week was HIS BIRTHDAY and no one gave up their reward for him! Jeff points out that it’s called a “reward” for a reason and that reason is you have to earn it. That’s cute that you think logic is going to work on Rodney, Jeff.

Anyway, the Blue Team is Sierra, Dan and Rodney and the Red Team is Carolyn, Mike and Will. Dan struggles with the rope ladder early on in the challenge, but makes up for lost time by being a beast cutting the rope with the hatchet. Rodney tries to bring the puzzle pieces back to the table before his team is done collecting, which is apparently against the rules, so he gets scolded by Jeff.

The two teams make it to the puzzle portion at about the same time and both teams are at a complete loss for how to solve it. Half an hour goes by. Forty-five minutes. Then an hour and still no one has solved it. Jeff points out that this is now the longest a puzzle challenge has ever taken. Then he takes pity on them and starts dropping hints.

Carolyn is the first to pick up on his hints and finally solves the puzzle for the Red Team. Which once again leaves Rodney to pout about how hungry and bored he is. She takes a moment to contemplate giving up her spot for him, but in the end she decides not to. She’s hungry too, after all, and she deserves this.

On their reward, Mike throws out the idea about Carolyn, Will and himself as the final three. Carolyn says she might entertain it, but Will shuts it down. He says Mike is the biggest threat in the game and he’s still “public enemy number one,” a saying that the three goons have grown very fond of.

They all also express their irritation with Rodney. Mike doesn’t like how he’s constantly trying to guilt people into giving them their reward. Even Will admits that Rodney is getting on his nerves too.


Speak of the devil, Rodney is hanging out at camp complaining about how surf & turf is his favorite and how Carolyn screwed him again. He says she’s next to go after Mike and revenge will be sweet.

Dan saves the day, (well he saves Rodney’s day), by finding some melons on the beach. Rodney is now on the up cycle of one of his mood swings after that and he feels like he’s invigorated for the next challenge.

When they get back from reward, Mike pulls Sierra aside. He tells her that Dan probably won’t take her to the finals and he doesn’t want to see the three idiots in the final three, because then no one would want to vote for any of them.

Immunity Challenge

For immunity, the final six have to retrieve three bags using a grappling hook. Each bag contains a ball and once they have all three they have to maneuver the ball throw a table maze. First one to finish wins.

Mike is a pro with the grappling hook. I guess that’s because of all the cattle herding he does in Texas. He’s also the first one to the puzzle part, followed shortly by Dan. Well look at this, Dan is actually in the running in a challenge. Unfortunately for him, Dan is not so good at the maze part. Eventually Sierra gets to the maze and she passes him up. It’s Sierra and Mike in an intense finish, but Mike pulls out another win for another immunity. Good for him and for us. Everyone voting out Mike would be so boring.

Loser Camp

Dan says that Carolyn is the next on the chopping block and Sierra, Rodney and Will agree. But when Carolyn walks into camp and Dan walks away, she says they’re voting for Dan and everyone else agrees with her too.

Mike says he’ll vote for Dan, but he thinks that he should approach Dan just to see if he’s willing to work with him. He promises that Dan is going home tonight unless Mike does something to change it. Dan doesn’t believe Mike at all, even though Mike is being honest according to what he knows.

Carolyn and Sierra are talking on the beach. Mike comes up to them and tells them to look at Rodney and Dan sleeping in the shelter. He says that’s Survivor code for “I ain’t going nowhere tonight.” He says that means they both feel safe and he’s a million percent sure that they’re voting for one of the ladies tonight and he thinks it’s Carolyn.

Carolyn tells Sierra that Mike is probably just paranoid. But he got under her skin and now she is considering playing her idol tonight. 

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Tribal Council

Mike’s glad he doesn’t have to worry tonight and admits to enjoying seeing the close five scramble. He says it’s easy to trust people when they have a common enemy, but the common enemy is safe tonight.

Rodney claims that his inability to form an articulate sentence is due to the fact that he’s starving and fatigued. (I’m sure he’s a regular Einstein in real life.)

Carolyn says she wants to trust her alliance, but she knows she could be going home. She knows that people have reason to write her name because of her good effort in immunity challenges. Dan doesn’t feel safe either because people know he has an advantage.

After everyone votes, but before Jeff tallies the votes, Dan announces that he’s going to play his advantage. The smug look on his face is short-lived though, because Carolyn decides to play her idol before Jeff reads the vote.

So every vote, except Carolyn’s and Mike’s, go to Carolyn and none of them count. But Carolyn and Mike’s votes for Dan are enough to send him packing. Carolyn: 1, Dan: 0.

In his exit interview Dan says he played a “good” and “respectable” game. I’m not sure if that’s more funny or sad. Either way, I’m just plain happy he’s out of the running.

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