This season of The Real Housewives of New York City has been rough for Ramona. She’s learning to live on her own after her 20-year-plus marriage ended and her daughter moved off to college. But in this episode, “Double Down on Delusion,” the ladies are escaping to Atlantic City for her birthday, so it’s only appropriate that Ramona celebrate with some Turtle Time!

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Limo Drama

Things aren’t off to a great start for Ramona’s birthday. Heather, Dorinda and Kristen arrive at Sonja’s house, but Sonja isn’t letting any of them wait inside. They have to wait outside, and it’s a cold, rainy day. Heather is especially pissed. She calls Sonja a bitch and can’t believe the way she’s treating her friends.

Ramona and the limo arrive about 45 minutes later, so at least the ladies can wait in the limo. Ramona is slightly flustered when she can’t find a corkscrew, but thankfully the driver has one. That was a close call.

Finally, Lady Morgan graces the rest of the ladies with her presence. She immediately confronts Heather for being rude by barging into her home. Heather says she would never leave her friends out in the rain, but now she knows she shouldn’t consider Sonja a friend any longer.

The two keep bickering back and forth, mostly repeating themselves. Finally Ramona tries to put an end to it by telling them both to shut up, but Sonja continues to yammer.

Sonja settles down enough to try and commiserate with Bethenny. Bethenny tries to tell her in the nicest way possible that all of her place and name dropping can really turn people off and it seems like all show and no go. Of course, it isn’t getting through Sonja’s thick skull. Not much does.

Party in AC

Finally, they arrive in Atlantic City, where LuAnn and Carole meet them. They’re both relieved they missed the limo ride after Heather catches them up on what happened.

The ladies’ Atlantic City fashions are … interesting. Kristen is wearing two different colored shoes and Carole is wearing bunny ears and a printed t-shirt with boobs on it. Heather and Bethenny bicker about Heather being late (Heather called Bethenny out for being late earlier) and Sonja’s already well on her way to being wasted.

At dinner, Ramona starts the party (or keeps it going, in Sonja’s case) by ordering shots of tequila for everyone. Ramona talks about how sad she is without a wedding ring, but LuAnn tells her she’s better off without it. While I think LuAnn means well (enough), it’s an awkward thing to say. Ramona isn’t in the “screw him” part of her break-up yet and she’s still mourning the death of the relationship.

Bethenny and Sonja talk about how everyone in this group is always trying to throw digs at one another. Sonja tries to say something about how she’s “been in PR” her whole life and Bethenny shuts her down by saying that’s not true. Sonja gets offended because she thinks Bethenny is just doing to her what all the other women have done (calling her on her delusions). Bethenny tries to apologize, but there’s no reasoning with Sonja at this point.

Everyone tries to shake it off and have fun at the casino. Ramona and Sonja clean up at the blackjack table, but Bethenny doesn’t have as much luck.

They go dancing later and everyone’s having a good time — until Sonja tries to confront Bethenny again with the same argument. Bethenny compares talking to Sonja like being on a hamster wheel, with her just repeating the same thing over and over. The only way she can make it stop is removing herself from the situation.

Unfortunately, Dorinda drew Sonja duty at the end of the night, I guess maybe because she’s the only one who hasn’t done it a million times already. No one else wants to even be around her, not even Ramona. She’s literally stumbling down the hallway bragging about how she used to party with John Kennedy and Madonna. Bless Dorinda’s soul for putting up with her. I can barely put up with watching it.

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There’s No Reasoning with Her

At breakfast the next morning, all of the ladies are tired, except Sonja, who is somehow as fresh as a daisy. Sonja goes to talk to Bethenny, and when she leaves, the ladies talk about how rough it is to see Sonja like that. They all know that something’s wrong with the big picture, but she refuses to listen to them or share their concern.

Sonja goes to Bethenny’s suite to apologize but ends up sounding exactly the same as she did the night before, if a little less drunk. Bethenny tries to have some real talk with her. She says that she’s a kind, sweet, sexy person that people want to be around, but she obviously has some real emotional issues that she may not be dealing with the right way.

Sonja admits to having a hard time since her marriage ended, and Bethenny says she can relate to that. She suggests that Sonja take care of herself emotionally and physically by maybe talking to a professional and limiting her drinking. She tells Sonja that she’s there for her and she’s not an enemy.

Sonja gives her a hug and says thanks for the advice, but in her confessional she says that Bethenny has no idea what her life is like and what she’s been through. She missed the mark yet again. What a surprise.

Next time, there’s more debauchery in Atlantic City! Hooray?

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