We’re getting closer and closer to the end of The Voice season 8, and the competition is getting tight. Joshua Davis, Koryn Hawthorne, Meghan Linsey, India Carney and Sawyer Fredericks gave amazing performances this Monday night, but someone has to go.

So who will make it into the Voice finals? My guess is that it’ll be down to Koryn and India to get that last spot in the Top 4.

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Walk the Moon Performs “Shut Up and Dance”

Walk the Moon kicks the night off with an energetic, colorful performance of “Shut Up and Dance.” This song has been everywhere lately. And I’m really into this performance. Not only is it a fun song, but they also all seem to be having such a good time on stage. How can you not like them?

The First Result

We’re up to the first result, but Carson Daly asks Meghan Linsey what she’s learned about being by herself as a solo artist first. She’s been beaten down in the past, but she’s learned to be confident in herself.

Finally, Carson reveals the first artist who’s safe. And the first finalist of the night to advance is Sawyer Fredericks. We all knew he’d make it to the finals, though.

Result: Sawyer Fredericks is safe

Snoop Dogg and Pharrell Williams Perform “California Roll”

Carson reminds us that we have one more week to make our iTunes downloads count, before Pharrell and Snoop Dogg perform “California Roll.” Who doesn’t love Snoop Dogg? And he and Pharrell sound great together. It has a great vibe.

Snoop Dogg also shows off the cover for his new album. He loves working with Pharrell and they always have fun together. Pharrell, meanwhile, calls Snoop an icon and says we have to “hold our heroes high.”

The Voice Confessional

The coaches and artists give some secrets in the Voice confessional. It’s pretty cute. Adam lies that he’s a bee keeper. Christina lies about her height. Sawyer loves his animals. Joshua is good with a yoyo and can juggle.

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The Next Artist Who is Safe

Carson asks India Carney what she wants to say to the people who’ve supported her on The Voice. She thanks them for their support and unconditional love.

And we’re up to the next result. The second singer advancing The Voice is Meghan Linsey! I’m glad. Meghan totally deserves to be in the finals.

Result: Meghan Linsey is safe

Red Nose Day

Carson and Blake remind us that Red Nose day is next week. All of the coaches have participated. Blake went to a mobile clinic in LA to help out. They give free health care to anyone under the age of 18. A lot of those kids wouldn’t have been able to see a doctor.

India Carney, Koryn Hawthorne and Meghan Linsey Peform “Faithfully”

India, Koryn and Meghan join together to perform “Faithfully.” It’s a simple, pretty performance. They sound good together, but they also all have their moments to shine. India and Koryn have to be really nervous, though.

The First Artist Who is in the Bottom Two

Carson announces that India Carney is the first artist performing in the bottom two. This isn’t surprising, but India looks so upset. This means that either Joshua or Koryn will be in the finals while the other will perform with India

Joshua Davis and Sawyer Fredericks Performs “Drift Away”

Carson reminds us to tune in next Monday, before Joshua and Sawyer perform “Drift Away.” I love this song, and Joshua and Sawyer really do it justice. They give a really sweet performance, and Joshua doesn’t even seem that nervous.

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The Final Artist Who is Safe

Carson asks Joshua what his family’s support means to him. It means everything and they’ve made so many sacrifices for him.

Finally, Carson announces the third artist that America saved. And Joshua Davis is safe! Thank god. I’m a huge Joshua fan. This means that Koryn will be performing for the instant save.

Result: Joshua Davis is safe

India Carney Performs “Dark Side”

India performs “Dark Side” for her chance to make it into the finals. It’s a good choice. India hits some amazing notes and really puts her all into it. Christina says that “India is always enough.” They’ve had a great journey together and Christina is behind her all the way. Christina also makes a plea for fans to vote. The vote is always super close, so you have to vote.

Koryn Hawthorne Performs “If I Were a Boy”

Koryn performs “If I Were a Boy” for her chance at the instant save. I love this song. Koryn can really capture the audience and she gives this performance her all. Pharrell echoes Christina that Koryn’s enough, but he also says that Koryn is singing for you if you have a dream or if someone is telling you no.

Instant Save

And the instant save has begun. It looks like this is going to be yet another close one, but I think it’s going to Koryn.

India thanks Christina for everything she’s done for her. She’s helped her as an artist and as a person. Koryn tells Pharrell he’s an amazing man and starts getting pretty emotional.

Pharrell says he couldn’t be happier for Koryn because she sang songs that meant something to her. Christina, meanwhile, tells India that she holds a special place in her heart for her. India loves music and just wants to sing her heart out, which reminded Christina of why she started her career.

Finally, Carson’s ready to announce the last advancing artist. And America instantly saved Koryn Hawthorne! I’m so glad. Koryn deserves it.

Result: Koryn Hawthorne is safe!

Final Results

The artists who are going into the finals are Sawyer Fredericks, Meghan Linsey, Joshua Davis and Koryn Hawthorne.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8pm on NBC.

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