Okay, so on Sunday night’s finale of Survivor: China, they showed a preview for next season, Fans vs. Favorites.  I was immediately intruiged and excited.  Being the huge Survivor fan that I am, if I were ever to be on the show, I’d want to play against the best or most favorite players of all time.  Who wouldn’t?  CBS didn’t show any favorites, only fans, in their preview.  However, BuddyTV got their hands on the unofficial list of Survivors participating and I was immediately confused.  Sure, I understood Ozzy and Yau Man being there but where was Terry?   Where was Stephenie?  Where was Coby?  I’ll tell you where Coby was: sitting home NOT participating in a season he was supposed to be a part of.   Today, Coby Archa of Survivor: Palau gave us the dirt on an All-Stars 2 season that never ended up happening.

Here’s the story, at least according to Coby.  CBS wanted to do an All-Stars 2 but Mark Burnett felt like he wasn’t trying something new if he just did another All-Stars.  He pushed for a Fans vs. Favorites and won.  Up until he won, though, an All-Stars 2 cast had been formed.  That cast included Coby, Terry, Twila, Yul, and Shane.  Two days before they were set to leave, Burnett ended up getting his way and half the players were left home while the other half left to compete one more time.

Coby doesn’t harbor ill feelings and is looking forward to the new season.  “I understand the appeal of the upcoming season,” he said. “I love most of the cast, especially Fairpay, Ami, Eliza, and Cirie.”  Most of the cast?  “Why Parvati and Amanda? I don’t get their appeal.”  He’s most disappointed in the fact that Palau is not represented in the cast, despite being the second highest rated season post All-Stars.

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– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV