Two weeks of live coverage of The Voice have passed and we have already waved goodbye to some favorites. There have been performances to inspire, performances we would love to forget and then those that reside somewhere in between, leaving us with a feeling of, “…what?” I hope you haven’t tired of these just yet, because we have more singing and dancing headed your way!

It’s the quarterfinals! Tonight we will welcome Team Christina and Team Blake back to the stage. Both groups have been slimmed down to three contestants each and we all know the drill by now. They sing, the celeb coaches give their opinions (even when Carson doesn’t ask for them), Christina Milian asks odd questions in the Sprint Lounge and then we vote. There’s an added twist, though. Due to last weeks last chance performances, the show has decided to up the stakes. Get ready for some upsets because one person from each team will be sent home tonight! Let the games begin!

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Carson wants to know what the coaches think about the instant elimination and raising of the stakes of the show.

Christina: “I’m really upset about it.” I’m just a tad thrown off by her piercing blue eyeshadow.

Blake: To Carson – “You didn’t mention how beautiful I looked.” He’s just a bit distracted since he just achieved his 11th number one single tonight.

Adam: “Maybe I’m just a control freak, but I think it’s okay.”

Lot’s going on tonight, guys! So Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton will be onstage with their artists tonight. Plus, Maroon 5 will perform “Pay Phone” with Wiz Khalifa.

Team Blake
Artist: RaeLynn
Song: “She’s Country” by Jason Aldean
Now known as a “heart-breaker” who doesn’t want a boyfriend right now, RaeLynn is setting out to tease the crowd tonight, I’m guessing. I find it a tease that she looks so cute, but her vocals aren’t quite hitting it. She tries a bit too hard for my taste, but at the same time, this is definitely her best performance yet.

Christina: “You make me wanna sing country.”

Cee Lo: “I think that’s the best performance that you’ve done.”

Adam: “This was the best moment you’ve had.”

Blake: “As your coach, this is the most proud I’ve been of anybody on my team.”

Spring Lounge Check-In

Christina M.: “What’s going through your mind?”

Erin Willet: “You know what, Blake. If I could kick somebody I would!” Giggles follow from Ashley De La Rosa and Lindsey Pavao. It’s always so awkward in this lounge.

Team Christina
Artist: Jesse Campbell
Song: “Halo” by Beyonce
Jesse stands inside of a picture frame. As the chorus kicks in, more frames pop up on either side of the stage. Pictures of him and his little girl are plastered all around the venue. I would be SO EMBARRASSED if I were in her shoes. “Thanks a lot dad!” Now about the performance … everything was sounding good until he hit the higher more powerful notes. He ran too far, I think. Once again, too showy.

Cee Lo: “That was a great job.”

Adam: “I wasn’t feeling the song choice until it kicked in.”

Blake: “Nobody’s gonna sit here and say that was anything short of just a great performance.”

Christina: Basically just commends Jesse for dedicating the performance to his daughter. I’m not sure what she thought about the actual singing part.

Team Blake
Artist: Jordis Unga
Song: “A Little Bit Stronger” by Sara Evans
The rocker chick, full of tattoos, is looking radiant tonight in a pink mermaid dress. They’ve even brought out the string accompaniment. Her vocals even match nicely and softly. The only thing I really don’t understand is the choice of props. There’s a naked bed on stage for no reason, as well as a chair turned upside down. Odd.

Christina: “You know, I like when you show your vulnerable side.”

Cee Lo: “I agree. It was a very touching performance.”

Adam: “You’re so emotional up there … That’s what people wanna see.”

Blake: “I’m really proud of you for doing that.” Plus, he wants everyone to know that “Jordis is a writer.” Will there be a chance that she could sing something she’s written then?

Team Christina
In a previously recorded package, a coolly clad Christina takes her team to a Starbucks in Crenshaw in order to show them how important it is to give back. They’re going to a local high school to help out the choir who is in full swing of bringing some church up in here! She invites the choir to The Voice in order to perform with her team.

Now, Christina walks out in a cute little cowgirl outfit singing one of Blake’s number one hits, “Hillbilly Bone.” After tossing her hat to her fellow coach, the song merges into “Fighter.” Ashley and Jesse join their mentor first rising from the bleachers. Lindsey and Chris come in after the chorus with the Crenshaw choir from backstage. I feel like a teenager again at one of Christina’s concerts. That was fantastic. Everyone held their own and next to Ms. Aguilera, that is no easy task.

Back to the Sprint Lounge

Christina M. speaks to Jordis and her father.
Jordis’ Father: “WOW! I feel good!” This guy is adorable! Let’s ALWAYS have him in the Sprint Lounge.

Team Christina
Artist: Ashley De La Rosa
Song: “Foolish Games” by Jewel
Things start of low and slow as Ashley sits in a cloud of smoke on the stage. With the added rock element, this song sounds like a dark but cool nightmare. And the note she just held out was right on point. I feel like Ashley is a silent killer. She’s peaked at just the right time!

Cee Lo: “It was great.” Wow, thanks?

Adam: “Cee Lo, that was a really underwhelming response … I think you [Ashley] are the biggest surprise.” I totally agree with you, Adam!

Blake: “I think the smartest decision that’s been made this year of The Voice season 2 was Christina saving you.”

Christina: “You truly made that song your own … each week you’re growing by leaps and bounds.”

Yay, Ashley!

Guest Performance
Maroon 5 featuring Wiz Khalifa
“Pay Phone”
Should I even go into detail? Of course Adam and the guys are awesome. Just sit back and enjoy. I do have to say that watching Wiz dancing in the background is quite hilarious. As Carson said, “Excellent performance.”

Team Blake
Artist: Erin Willet
Song: “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele
I think that it’s really touching that both Erin and Blake have an even stronger bond now that both have suffered the losses of their fathers. I have to say, though, that another Adele tryout is not necessary. I enjoy Erin’s voice, but the theatrics that she’s bringing to the song makes it unbelievable now. And her yellow dress is not working. Now, the ending was really nice. Those pipes held that last note nicely.

Christina: “I mean you sang your heart out, you really did.”

Cee Lo: “I think you did the song a great justice.”

Adam: “I just got nervous. I get never Jewish when the fire comes down.” Haha, wow! “The pitch was great, but maybe work on the phrasing more.”

Blake: “I was excited for you to do an Adele song … You can do that.”

Team Christina
Artist: Lindsey Pavao
Song: “Part of Me” by Katy Perry
Male dancers are holding her microphone for her. Kind of cool. The poppy tune has been slowed down and twisted a bit to make it darker. It’s as if Katy came out and did a remix of her own song since Lindsey favors her. While I like her ability to bring something new and fresh and unique to songs, maybe that wasn’t the best song choice? I don’t know. I still like her, though.

Cee Lo: “I never heard that song before so I don’t have anything to compare.” Really??

Adam: “There some big powerful notes that go away from you.”

Blake: “The good thing about you is, I’m already a fan.”

Christina: “You have your own unique style and I wanted to respect that … Like Ashley, I see you grow each and every week.”

Sprint Lounge … Again

Christina M.: “Right now, I am wrapped up in Team Christina.”

Ashley: “Christina is my idol so singing on stage with her was awesome.”

Team Blake
Blake, RaeLynn, Erin, Jordis and Jermaine Paul sit on music equipment storage boxes while rocking out to “Heartache.” Jordis sounds really good on a country track actually. RaeLynn could use a lot of work. Erin should pick up the pace; it’s not a ballad. Jermaine … perfection. I’m surprised Blake hasn’t sung one bar alone. Cute.

Team Blake
Artist: Jermaine Paul
Song: “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins
Jermaine doesn’t need much but his voice. He sits by the piano in a full suit. Just as the lyrics suggest, it’s just him in a very simple performance bearing his heart. I can’t help but think of R. Kelly while he’s on stage. Of course, I mean all the good things about R. Kelly not the illegal things. I digress … Jermaine has the entire house on its feet.

Christina: “I think you’re a phenomenal singer … You’re very connected with what you sing … not all these crazy ad-libs.” Like we hear from certain people on your team?

Cee Lo: “You gave it soul and Phil Collins has an awful lot of soul for a white guy.”

Out of nowhere, Christina has a large fan, cooling herself.

Adam: “You have such a rich, beautiful tone in your voice … I think maybe you over embellished just a tiny bit.”

Blake: “I think because we all have those moments that we look back on our careers and our lives and we say, “Oh my gosh, I think that was a turning point.” I think you’ll look back on this night on this performance on The Voice and think this was your turning point.”

Team Christina
Artist: Chris Mann
Song: “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay
The violins came out to play! Makes me think of the “Addicted to Love” video. Anyways, Chris sounds good. This is a perfect song choice for him. I like that it gives him a sense of “coolness.” Being known as an opera singer, I wouldn’t think you get very many cool points.

Adam: “I wanna see you sing opera. That to me is so refreshingly different.”

Christina: “I love challenging the norm and I love that you were willing to go there.”

Instant Eliminations

Team Christina

Christina is talking SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!

Going Home
Jesse Campbell – I was NOT expecting that at all! I just want to reiterate that Christina made it a point that she wants to go with a team that she things can grow from this point on.

Team Blake

Going Home
Jordis Unga – Wow, after the performance that I really enjoyed.

Well, I knew there would be some upsets tonight. It’s getting closer and closer to the end. As far as Team Christina, we are left with Lindsey Pavao, Ashley De La Rosa and Chris Mann. Team Blake is still home to RaeLynn, Erin Willett and Jermaine Paul.

Tomorrow night on The Voice, the remaining members of Team Christina and Team Blake will be back on the chopping block. America is now voting for their favorites and during the live elimination show we will lose yet another performer. Also, look for a premiere video from Justin Bieber.

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