This week on Survivor the men are reeling over Michael’s ouster, still wondering whether the women are gunning for them. They are — and Kim’s at the helm controlling all the moves!

Putting the Idol Into Play?

Tarzan, of all people, comes to Michael’s defense, and Troyzan tries to explain his reasoning for voting him out: Michael had been gunning for him. He believes that the numbers are on his side though, as he’s banking on using the idol, which he won in a previous episode. He suspects what’s going on with the women, who are putting Troyzan or Jay up next.

Coconut Rum and BBQ

The reward challenge is a DIY, meaning no host. The game is quite the snoozefest, however. It’s never all that exciting without Jeff Probst hosting, but having the players just toss a weighted string at a totem pole isn’t exciting at all. The teams were: Alicia, Jay, Tarzan and Kat, and the other team was Leif and the rest of the girls, Chelsea, Kim, Sabrina and Christina. Alicia’s team of Jay, Tarzan, Troyzan and Kat wins. Tarzan all but guaranteed the victory, which was nice to see because he hadn’t won a single reward thus far, and pointed out the lack of protein in his diet. The winners are whisked away to a secluded island for a feast and coconut rum drinks.

The Kim Show

Now it’s time to get serious and get back to game play. Kim wants herself to be known as calm, soft spoken and forgettable while she’s actually the one telling everyone what to do. She wants to get rid of the guys in this order: Jay, Troyzan, Tarzan, Leif.

The women are playing Jay so badly that it’s getting quite uncomfortable to watch, especially when he sticks up for them — especially Kim — to Troyzan. Troyzan isn’t buying it — thankfully. Tarzan and Leif are complete non-factors at this point. Leif hardly ever gets time on-screen! Tarzan only does because of the ridiculous things he says. Jay is completely blinded — which leaves Troyzan as the only sane guy, something I never would’ve thought in the beginning of the season.

… And They All Fall Down

The immunity challenge is the ol’ hang onto your water bucket for as long as possible. Last person standing, wins. Tarzan drops almost immediately out of the gate, which … I guess if he’s sure he won’t be able to last — and let’s be honest, he wouldn’t — I guess then why exert energy? If he had just waited a little longer however, he couldn’t had some sort of snack, as Jeff starts tempting the contestants with food. Christina falls off before anything is presented.

Sabrina comes down immediately for the two cookies and a glass of milk. Then Kim/Kat come down together for the cupcakes. With candy and chocolate, Alicia falls. I mean, come on ladies, let’s not be so obvious about your safety that you come down for some empty calories and sugar.

Poor Troyzan loses his balance and comes down, and he’s pissed, leaving Jay, Leif and Chelsea. The next temptation is chicken wings and beer, which Jay comes down for. And then the granddaddy of them all: three hamburgers, chips and beer. Chelsea promises Leif that he’s safe, and he falls, and Chelsea wins immunity.

Final Plea

Troyzan, trying to make a last-minute appeal to Jay to vote one of the women out, gives up the fact that he has the idol. Jay then runs RIGHT to Kim to tell her everything. It was absolutely sickening to watch. If Troyzan plays the idol, then of COURSE Jay will be the one to leave, but he’s too stupid to realize that. Troyzan, meanwhile, tries to flip the votes, appealing to Christina to vote Kim out as he has the idol.

Tribal Council will be interesting.


When Jeff asks who feels at risk of going home, Jay, Troyzan and Kim all raise their hands. At least Kim will pretend to feel threatened instead of being all smug like everyone else.

Tarzan points out the girls are smarter, and that it’s a gender divide, while Jay says he doesn’t feel as confident as in the past.

One by one, they’re off to vote, and we’re shown Jay voting Alicia, Troyzan voting Kim and Chelsea voting Troyzan. When Jeff asks whether anyone wants to play the idol, Troyzan pauses but then pulls his out, saying he’s not going to hold onto it and then be voted out. THANK YOU!

We’ve seen that happen before in the past, so it’s good he’s going with the safe route. As the votes are read, Troyzan does get two votes — and Jay gets four, becoming the latest person ousted.

I’m all aboard Team Troyzan now and hope he can put up a good fight against the girls.

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