Tarzan’s speedo! I really need to get this image out of my head. Was anyone else visibly hurt by this? Are Colton and Kat the two stupidest players to ever play Survivor? I personally am really enjoying this season and was thrilled to see that the “hot guys” alliance looks like it will be short-lived. Find out what viewers thought on Twitter from the top 10 tweets below.

#10. @Spicypants: Monica Cullpepper is one tough cookie.

– Agreed. I didn’t think much about Monica before the season began, but she has won my adoration as a true competitor. Also, I liked that she threw a vote towards Christina to try to set herself apart from the older women’s group. 

#9. @Sophiegclarke: Is Tarzan the first survivor to wear a speedo?

– Regardless if he is the first, that banana hammock was gross! Whoever let him on with that thing is a genius.

#8. @Bravobrett: Colton Cumbie: is so much smarter for going with the uglier half than the prettier half. SO much smarter.

– I’m happy that he decided to go that route.  As a viewer, it will be interesting to learn more about their personalities and background stories compared to the bro alliance. 

#7. @Peloquin00: Would Nina have gone last week if not for the injury? Thank god Alicia didn’t speak much tonight.

– I’m thinking either Christina or Kourtney would have been voted out. Kourtney was the odd ball, and Christina had already made some enemies. 

#6. @Survivorshannon: Kat just jumping in the water for no reason!! Maybe it’s hot out there and she wants to cool off.

– Truly a dumb mistake.  I don’t think Kat has what it takes to play Survivor. Well, I don’t think she has what it takes to play Tic-tac-toe. 

#5. @ Chelseameissner: Is it coincidence that National Margarita Day and episode 2 of SURVIVOR One World are on the same day? Both call for a celebration!

– If there was a drinking game involved, and you drank every time the women’s tribe messed up, you would not be coherent within the first 15 minutes of the episode. 

#4. @Survivoralbert: The big question is how in the world do Matt and Micheal not solidify a MAJORITY alliance of 5+ and allow the “misfit alliance” to happen?!

– That puzzles me too. Why not get one of the Tarzans in there? 

#3. @Devincf: I believe Colton could be the most irritating Survivor in history.

– I personally think that Alicia from this season is more annoying. All time? I might lean towards Lil from Pearl Islands or Shii Ann from Thailand. 

#2. @Realityblurred: Is Colton the worst Survivor player ever? It’s like he does not understand what show he is on.

– He has no clue what he is doing. I think he is going to be dragged to the end by somebody. 

#1 @Theavclub: A ho-hum Survivor is capped by one of the more annoying Jeff Probst Tribal Council performances to date.

– I actually really liked the episode, but yeah, Jeff was a little off. It felt like he was pushing the women’s tribe toward voting off Kat. 

Wes Dorne

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