Last night, Ben got a glimpse of his final four girls’ home lives, and we got a glimpse of how little effort he puts in, even when he’s meeting a girl’s parents.

In the end, Kacie’s protective father successfully convinced Ben to dump his daughter before she’d get hurt even more — and Ben sunk even deeper into the clutches of Courtney, who made the unquestionably BRILLIANT, albeit risky, move of staging a fake wedding so that she could force Ben to sit down and write out his feelings toward her, and then recite them in vow-form. When it comes to the art of gettin’ that man-love, she’s a mastermind.

Courtney’s vows certainly sounded heartfelt, but the words weren’t all her own. Where’d she get those lines? Plus, what else did Kacie say in the rejection limo? Watch this week’s Bachelor bonus videos to find out:

The Bachelor Uncensored: More Clips of Ben Being a Doofus in the Airport. Self-explanatory. Watch if you have a minute to kill, I guess.

Deleted Scene: Lindzi Talks with Dad. Lindzi and her dad, Harry Cox, sit down to talk about what he, Harry Cox, thinks of the man whom Lindzi loves, Ben Flajnik.

Diary of the Departed, Week 8: The Tamer Parts of Kacie’s Rejection Meltdown.
Poor Kacie thought that Ben was just looking for a sweet girl whose parents didn’t approve of him, his hair, his job, his choices or his sexual promiscuity. She thought wrong.

Highlight of the Week: The Fake Wedding.
Hear Ben and Courtney’s fake-vows to each other at their fake-wedding, which precedes their forthcoming fake-engagement, which will lead up to their broken engagement, which will negate the possibility of their ever having a real wedding. But at least they’ll always have this fake one. Also of note in this video: How chopped up Ben’s soundbites had to be in order for the producers to get the sentiment they wanted: “To put something like this together in such a romantic, intimate setting … [CUT] … means the world to me. [CUT] Standing up there with Courtney … [CUT] … felt pretty natural … [CUT] especially after meeting her family.”

BONUS! Courtney Plagiarized Part of Her Fake-Wedding Vows from Sex and the City: And, as one astute reader already noted, another part of them came from this Bob Marley song. On the bright side, at least she didn’t quote Charlie Sheen again.

Week 9 Promo: Fantasy Suites in Switzerland.
After such a difficult journey full of bikini parties and a revolving door of random makeouts, Ben just wants to kick back and get his boink on with his final three. But then a mysterious stranger shows up to try to win him back, or undermine Courtney, or something else that will have no effect, because it’s not the end of a Bachelor/Bachelorette season without someone making a “SHOCKING” and pointless return.

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