Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and this wee k on Survivor: Nicaragua, that Hell comes courtesy of Jane Bright. The folksy North Carolinian is backstabbed by her alliance, but she doesn’t leave without a fight.

It should come as no surprise since Chase is notoriously untrustworthy. He was friends with Shannon, then turned on him. He was close with Brenda, then turned on her. He had Benry’s trust, then turned on him. He promised Sash the reward last week, then didn’t take him. He promised Fabio the reward this week, then didn’t take him. It’s a fairly obvious pattern.

Before the fireworks at Tribal Council we get to meet the remaining castaway’s families, which provides great insight into their lives.

Chase and Sash: They both bring their moms, and their moms are typical moms who love their kids.

Fabio: Fabio’s mom shows up and she’s a total MILF. Seriously, did she have him when she was 12? She also reveals that back home he’s known as “Jud the Stud,” which is perfect and makes me root for Fabio that much more.

Dan: His son shows up, and Dan squeals and cries, making sounds not heard in nature. His son is very affectionate, kissing his dad the whole time, showing us that he may be a slouch on Survivor, but he’s clearly a wonderful dad.

Jane: Her daughter shows up and in the video we also get to see her yard full of yapping dogs.

Holly: Her husband arrives, the man who had to miss out on their 25th anniversary while she was on the show. Since I’m not made of stone, it made me tear up a little.

After the challenge which Chase wins again, he goes on his reward with Sash and Holly where they make plans to be the final three. Back at camp, Fabio, Dan and even Jane form the “I Hate Chase” club. I’ll gladly join, since he’s riding my last nerve.

Fabio wins immunity, which he really needed and which makes me very happy. It also means the final three alliance of Chase, Sash and Holly have only two options: target Jane, who will definitely win, or Dan, who will definitely lose at everything. In other words, Chase’s bond with fellow North Carolinian Jane comes to an end, as all friendships with Chase do.

Jane actually walks up to Chase, Holly and Sash and wants to know what’s happening. Chase is sketchy because he can’t lie to Jane but doesn’t want to admit the plan to her. So after the most AWKWARD silence ever, they actually admit to wanting Jane out because she’s a bigger threat to win. Jane is rightfully pissed and wants nothing to do with her alliance of flippers. She then decides to dump water on the fire since she started it.

Tribal Council

Survivor: Nicaragua has had some epic Tribal Councils, from Shannon’s meltdown is NaOnka’s insanity. But this one tops them all. Jane knows she’s going to be voted out and has no problem exposing her former alliance of liars and backstabbers. Jeff Probst is as giddy as a school girl.

Jane tells Fabio point blank that if he doesn’t win the next immunity, he’s gone. Chase admits that he, Holly and Sash will vote out Fabio or Dan next, but Sash and Holly are slower to jump in. They’re smart enough to realize that if Fabio wins immunity, it would be wiser to keep Dan because he has absolutely no chance of winning.

This blood bath brings up an interesting plan where Jane suggests teaming up with Dan and Fabio to vote for Holly, forcing a tie. It makes perfect sense, but inconceivably they don’t go along with it.

Jane is voted out.

This Sunday is the two-hour Survivor: Nicaragua finale followed by the reunion. Fabio needs to win immunity, but more importantly, will the final three alliance actually make it, or will they cannibalize each other like I’m certain they should? I can’t wait to find out, nor can I wait to hear Marty’s thoughts on the season at the reunion. That man is a shoo-in for the next all-stars season.

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