Didn’t Jersey Shore season 2 just end? It seems like yesterday that I was high-fiving a million angels over the sweet release of being done recapping that show. And now it’s back already. Sigh. Even if I had spent the entire time between then and now in one long blissful nap, I still don’t think I’d be ready for this. But that’s the thing about those kids on Jersey Shore. They don’t care what you or I or anyone else thinks, and they are not in the business of taking breaks. They’re in the business of taking shots. They’re here, they’re drunk, get used to it. Whoo?

So. Try to contain your excitement, like I just did, and check out the first Jersey Shore season 3 trailer that’s currently running on MTV, as the series returns January 6. Turn up the volume. Or don’t. [UPDATE: We now have the real trailer from MTV for which you do not need to turn up the volume. Unless you want to hear Snooki fall down loudly.] I bet you can figure out what exactly is going on here without the sound.

New season. New (same old) shore. New grenades. New cast member who looks like a JWoww-Snooki chimera. New (same old) fights. And new footage of Snooki falling down. At least I can get behind that last one.

Check out a couple promo photos for season 3, featuring the new cast member, Deena:

Jersey Shore promo photos for season 3The Full Cast


Jersey Shore promo photos for season 3Just the Boys


Jersey Shore Season 3, DeenaShe’s gonna fit right in.

While you warm up the ol’ DVR in anticipation of January 6, refresh your memory on the vital lessons we learned last season on Jersey Shore:

Jersey Shore Season 3, Deena

(Images: MTV)

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