Tonight, the newest season of Survivor premiered, Fans vs Favorites, set in Micronesia (aka Palau). Ten fans stepped into the game and found out, right away, who their competition would be. Jeff Probst brought in the favorites one at a time, each one looking for a second chance at winning that million dollar prize. The fans showed the most love to Ozzy, James, and Yau-Man. In fact, Yau-Man received the biggest ovation of them all!

Probst didn’t waste any time getting both tribes in the game. The two groups had to swim to another where their boats and maps to the camps were waiting for them. Also on that island were two individual immunity idols that could be used only at the first tribal council that the owner attends. Everyone rushed into the water and, surprisingly, Erik beat Ozzy to the island. Yau-Man and Kathy received the idols and everyone headed to their camps to set up their new homes.

The fans’ tribe is named Ariai and they get off to a rough start at their camp. They don’t manage their time wisely and end up stuck in the rain with a pretty shabby shelter. The same cannot be said for the favorites, whose tribe name is Malakal. They find food, make fire, and get their shelter off to a good start within the first few hours of the game.

At their first challenge, the contestants had to lot to prove and gain – the winners received immunity and flint to make fire. The tribes had to put together four wheels which they would then put on a cart. They pushed the cart through a series of obstacles and afterwards, took them off and used the pieces to complete a turnstile. Finally, they pushed the turnstile around to release their flag. The fans got off to a great start and the favorites were not able to communicate and work together well enough to really catch up. The fans win, sending a clear message to the favorites that they’re here to win!

Back at Malakal, each favorite made their case as to why they should stay in the game.  Fairplay, while walking with Parvati, admitted that he missed his girlfriend (who was 7 months pregnant at the time).  He started asking people to vote him out.  Parvati tried to use it as a smokescreen to get rid of Eliza but at tribal council, everyone decided to grant Fairplay’s wish and send him on his way.

This week, Fairplay will be talking to BuddyTV about what happened in Micronesia that made him want to turn around and go home.  Don’t miss it!

Next week on Survivor, the fans can’t seem to get it together or get along at camp.  Exile Island makes a triumphant return.  Two castaways get it on in the middle of the night, becoming Survivor: Micronesia’s first official showmance!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV