In anticipation for the premiere of America’s Next Top Model cycle 10, the show is airing a two part special over the next two weeks.  The special features highlights from the first nine cycles, which includes the best moments and interviews with previous contestants.  We caught up with lots of past models including Toccara, Joanie, Jael, Dionne, and Bianca.  Tonight’s special gave us some memorable moments from casting to makeovers to runways.  Here’s a look back at some of the greatest moments from the first nine cycles of America’s Next Top Model.

Casting Calamaties

America’s Next Top Model
showed us some of the worst first impressions made during the casting process. Eva was called out by Tyra for talking too much trash about people behind their backs and starting too much drama. On Tiffany’s first night, a girl in a bar spilled an entire bottle of beer on her head during a dance off.

Runaway Runway

Some of the most memorable moments on the runway come from the more embarrassing and awkward ones. Sara showed a crowd of high school students more than they bargained for when her top came open. Chantal knocked over a performer on stilts in the finale of cycle 9. The best had to be when Tyra made the girls walk in huge platform heels and nobody could stay up on their feet.

Move In Mania

The claws really come out when the models first move into their house and claim their beds. Monique poured water all over the bed that she wanted so that no one else would take it. Furonda handed out rules for living with her on her first night in the house. Monique made a second appearance in this segment for her fights with Melrose over the phone, resulting in her wiping her dirty underwear on her bed. Gross!

Makeover Madness

The makeover episode is almost my favorite, particularly for the meltdowns. Who could forget with Jaeda couldn’t stop crying after her hair was chopped off? Ebony really lost it after her head was shaved – incorrectly, according to her. Jael had a hard time after she spent eight hours in a chair getting a weave and then having Jay Manuel decide to take it all out. Why do you go on the show if you can’t handle it?

Food For Thought

You wouldn’t think food would cause such an uproar among models but oh, how it does. Monique flipped out after she thought someone stole a bag of chips. Wouldn’t fifty cents ease her pain so she could go buy a new one? When Cassie got a message in her brownies from Eva, she found it anything but funny. The most food meltdown has to be Bre, who couldn’t take it when she thought someone took her granola bar.

Atrocious Acting

The girls should stick to do what they do best and that’s pose, not act. Never have there been worse accents or memories on stage. Eva’s inability to get it together in front of Taye Diggs is one of the best moments ever. I still can’t believe he kept a straight face! Anybody remember Natasha’s strange impression of Tyra? Camille was the worst, when she totally ignored her script and just said whatever the hell she felt like saying!

Medical Mishaps

The schedule of this show must take its toll on the girls and their health has suffered while filming.  Michelle had a skin disease that left her in tears.  Heather passed out cold during a video shoot with Enrique Iglesias.  Daniele became very sick on a photo shoot after suffering from dehydration, food poisoning, and exhaustion but that didn’t stop her from getting back and taking one hell of a picture. 

House Hygiene

These girls may care how they look but they certainly didn’t seem to care how their house looked.  Ain’t no maids on this show!  The model house is always disgusting.  There are dishes piled in the sink, hair in the drains, and clothes thrown about.  I don’t think I could handle it with a bunch of girls who have no interest in picking up a sponge.

Top Model returns next week with Exposed, part 2.   Then, cycle 10 kicks off  on Wednesday, February 20 at 9pm ET.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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