Last time on Survivor: Ghost Island, the Naviti Five remained in power and decided which member of the Malolo tribe to target. After an emotional tribal council, Stephanie was the fifth person ousted from the game.

In “Fate is the Homie,” the winds of change are once again blowing across the islands when Probst utters the magic words, “Drop your buffs.” Whose fortunes will improve, and whose will plummet?

A Change Will Do You Good…Maybe

Probst’s words once again strike fear and disbelief in the hearts of the tribe members. Desiree hopes that “fate is a homie” and has her back. 

Probst has another trick up his sleeve — there will now be three tribes instead of two. Finally, a little bit of excitement is injected into the game. All three tribes have three original Naviti and two original Malolos. 

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The new Naviti tribe (purple buff) is comprised of Donathan, Bradley, Chelsea, Libby and Domenick. The new Malolos (orange buff) are Desiree, Angela, Kellyn, James and Michael. 


The new tribe, Yanuya (green buff), is made up of Sebastian, Wendell, Jenna, Laurel and Chris. This fledgling tribe wins the privilege of making a new shelter at their new beach. Wendell and Sebastian share a bromantic moment when Wendell presents “Sea Bass” with a perfect conch shell that Sebastian had been saving at the old camp. 

Chris and Wendell reaffirm their alliance as they build their new shelter, and Wendell comes to terms with the fact that he still must wrangle Chris’ over-inflated ego. But soon, Chris’ love of all things Chris begins to grate on the new tribe members. 


Desiree, Angela and Kellyn still have the numbers, but Desiree wonders if Angela will be loyal to them, or loyal to James. Angela is still harboring resentment at having her own tribe turn on her. James and Michael, as the only Malolo, pledge to work together. 


Everything is coming up roses for this tribe. Bradley is relieved to once again have all the creature comforts at Naviti. Chelsea begins to cry over her cup of coffee, and she is happy to be back at her old Naviti beach. Domenick is thrilled to be rid of Chris. He is suspicious of Libby and thinks that she needs to be out on the chopping block. Domenick and Bradley discuss how Libby is winning everyone over with her seductive charm but will stab you in the back at a moment’s notice. This duo is happy to be working together again. And Bradley is happy to bask in how “fantastic” he is at Survivor

Immunity Challenge

For this immunity challenge, one person is the caller and directs a pair of their blindfolded tribemates to acquire three bags of puzzle pieces from different sections of an obstacle course. Two contestants will then solve a puzzle while still blindfolded. The first two tribes to finish will win immunity. Easy, right? 

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Desiree is Malolo’s caller, while Wendell is calling for Yanuya. Naviti’s caller is Domenick. I hate these blindfolded challenges because they are so confusing. Naviti and Malolo get into a fight over the same bag, and chaos ensues. Malolo is the first tribe to reach the puzzle, followed closely by Yanuya and Naviti. Wendell, of Yanuya, forgets a bag of puzzle pieces and must run back to get it. 

Yanuya is the first to finish, followed by Naviti. Once again, Probst will preside over the fifth Malolo tribal council on Ghost Island: Survivor


Desiree apologizes to her tribemates, and she is devastated at failing. Kellyn and Desiree decide to vote out James, but Angela looks like she isn’t totally onboard with this decision. Michael and James are hoping to sway Angela over to their side. Angela really connects with James, so she seems to be wavering in her support to her former Naviti alliance. Kellyn talks with Angela and realizes that Angela may want to save James. Angela’s behavior has set off alarms for Desiree and Kellyn.

Tribal Council

Probst points out that Malolo is one of the worst-performing tribes in Survivor history as far as winning challenges. Desiree admits that she lost the challenge. Angela thinks that if you take on a position, you are responsible if you fail at it. (Hi, Desiree!)

Desiree points out that no one wants to compete against strong contestants when it comes to individual immunity challenges down the road. Kellyn remarks that long-term alliances are very important, and that there are three original Naviti and two original Malolo members at the tribal council. 

Probst takes a moment to ask all the contestants if they lead with either their heart or their head. Michael leads with his heart, while James, Angela and Desiree lead with their head. Kellyn believes that you lead with your gut, which is a mixture of your head and your heart. I like that, Kellyn. 

The Vote

When the votes are read, James is the sixth person voted out of Survivor: Ghost Island, and he looks furious. Before leaving, he compliments the Malolo members on the blindside. In the end, it is revealed that all four members of the tribe had cast votes for James. 

Did you expect James to be voted out? Do you think that Desiree should have gone home? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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