I don’t get it.  Isn’t Survivor: Gabon’s Crystal supposed to be an Olympic athlete?  She was one of the last people up the hill in the first challenge.  That could just be her pretending to be weaker than she is.  In her interview with BuddyTV this week, Gillian said that one of her biggest regrets was picking Crystal first on the Fang tribe and not outing her for the superior athlete that she is.  It doesn’t matter at this point what Gillian’s regrets are since she’s out of the game, along with Michelle.  The Fang tribe is going to need to get it together because they’re headed down the same path that Stephenie’s Ulong tribe in Palau is and that worries me.  I’ll be here for the next hour, updating live as the episode plays out.  Keep refreshing and keep your fingers crossed for Fang!

Fang needs to cut back their eating from 3 meals a day to 2.  I’m surprised they even have enough food to eat 3 meals a day!

Charlie (aka Clay Aiken’s pal) is lookin’ to bring Bob into his 4 person alliance over at Kota.  That’s a good idea except I’d hate to see Bob cut loose later in the game when he’s no longer needed.

Tonight’s reward challenge sounds pretty brutal – dragging players from the opposing tribe through the sand to earn points.  Ace was awesome, Fang couldn’t even get him off the pole.  Kota leads 1-0.  Paloma proves to be easy to drag through the sand and it’s now tied at 1-1.  WOW!  Fang wins!  They needed that, in more ways than one.  They send Sugar to Exile Island.

Exile Island (which is not an island at all) is the scariest place ever.  Put me on a beach.  Palau, Vanuata, Borneo, ANYWHERE!  Gabon scares me.  Holy crap!  Sugar just found the next clue.  Dan couldn’t even do that last week.  Woah, she found it.  That’s amazing.  She just went up 50 points in my book.

Corinne tells Bob he’s in the alliance.  Doesn’t ask.  Tells.

Time for the immunity challenge and Survivor, have you been reading The Biggest Loser’s diary?  They’re using giant slip and slides tonight, just like the weight loss competition did last week.  Slip and slides are awesome.  The puzzle makes me brain hurt.  It’s Ken vs. Bob.  My money’s on Ken and if I was a betting woman, I’d be rich.  Ken wins for Fang, their second victory tonight!

Kota’s planning on voting out Paloma.  She’s not going down without a fight, telling people that he’s in an alliance with everyone.  Is he?  Ace is such a blowhard that he’s made himself a target too.  If Kota is smart, they’ll off Paloma tonight.

At Tribal Council, Paloma outs Ace for being the tribe leader, but not a leader that she wants to follow.  Here are the votes: Paloma.  Ace.  Ace.  Paloma.  Paloma.  Paloma.  That’ll do it.  With another vote, Paloma is voted out of Survivor: Gabon.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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