On tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model, the girls were faced with a challenge by Paulina Porizkova.  She informs them that, once the show is over, a bulk of their work will be in catalogs – if they’re lucky.  Sometimes, clothes don’t fit right or flatter the body so the girls were given tools to make their looks work for them.  The winner received 50 extra frames in tonight’s photo shoot and McKey ends up doing the best job, impressing Paulina.  Back at the house, the girls confront Marjorie over her negative attitude and tonight’s photo shoot revolves around natural disasters.  Read on for more details on tonight’s episode of America’s Next Top Model!

Marjorie Is Her Own Worst Enemy

Marjorie is French and apparently, that makes her a negative person. She doesn’t believe in herself, she thinks she’s the weakest person in the competition, and she won’t stop beating herself up. During tonight’s challenge, in which the girls had to take clothes that didn’t fit and make them work, she looked so worried that Paulina was worried she was going to throw up. At her photo shoot, she needed to be spoon fed every piece of direction by Mr. Jay and broke down crying afterwards. There wasn’t a model within a 5 block radius who wanted to listen to her complain and Marjorie has seriously alienated herself this season.

These Models Are A Disaster!

For tonight’s photo shoot, the girls had to pose on a set made of small buildings and tiny cars. Each girl was assigned a natural disaster and had to play the part, while still selling their garment. One by one, they took the set portraying earthquakes, tidal waves, heat waves, and traffic jams (which isn’t a natural disaster at all). McKey was given 50 extra frames but she didn’t even need them, turning out a stellar performance from the get go. Unfortunately, that didn’t translate too well in panel and the judges seemed underwhelmed by her photo, even though Mr. Jay praised her to the heavens.

Personality Does Count For Something

This week, Joslyn and Clark land in the bottom two.  Joslyn started this competition as a strong competitor but has taken poor photos in recent times.  Clark alternates between taking great pictures and bad pictures, which just makes her a mediocre talent.  With two girls neck and neck, Tyra decides to keep the model with the better personality and, in her opinion, that’s Joslyn.  Clark is sent home in a tearful elimination, but says that this has been the greatest experience of her life.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

Analeigh – Santa Ana Winds

Clark – Blackout

Elina – Earthquake

Joslyn – Rockslide

Lauren Brie – Snowstorm

Marjorie – Traffic Jam

McKey – Heat Wave

Samantha – Tidal Wave

Sheena – Sandstorm

(Image courtesy of CW)

Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV