So far this season on The Real Housewives of New York City, Ramona has been on a rampage, and unfortunately for her, most of her rage has been directed at Kristen. The fact that she’s a tall, pretty blonde model probably has nothing to do with it. Especially since that’s the kind of woman her husband was sleeping with, probably while she was at that very trip to the Berkshires.

Ramona’s Wrath

Kristen is still in a state of shock after Ramona threw a glass in her face. She says that Aviva was right when she called Ramona white trash.

Back at Heather’s, Ramona does admit to Sonja that she feels bad that Kristen hurt her lip. She says it was never her intention to hurt her, but after she was provoked from all of that violent splashing, she just reacted. Ramona tells her that it’s being in the Berkshires that is bringing out the worst in her and she’s turning into her dad. Sonja gets upset at that theory. She gets emotional telling Ramona that she’s nothing like her father and she shouldn’t even say that. Oh, Sonja. It’s nice that she’s such a good friend to Ramona, but she sees more good in her friend than is probably there.

Ramona then changes the theory from she’s turning into her dad to Kristen was the one who was acting abusive like her father. She says she reacted to being provoked, but she didn’t overreact.

Kristen asks Carole if she’s ever seen that side of Ramona before. Carole says she can snap in an instant, and so far she’s been lucky to not be on the other end of her wrath. One thing she does say, though, is that no one should mess with Ramona’s blow dries. She takes her hair very seriously.

Heather wants to make sure everyone can keep things civil at dinner, but Ramona is still hostile. She tells Heather that a split lip isn’t a big deal because she splits her lip all the time when her shotgun recoils. Uh. Am I the only one troubled by the fact that Ramona has a shotgun?

Kristen and Carole are lounging outside when Ramona walks out. Kristen says under her breath to Carole that Ramona’s hair “looks like s**t” due to her splash. Ramona tells Kristen she’s sorry for what she did to her face, but she kind of deserved what she got after she provoked her and everything. Kristen is not pleased with Ramona’s non-apology. She tells her she just can’t chuck things at people, and Ramona responds by squawking over and over, “Who are you to throw water on me?” She claims that Kristen knew all about her blow dry and splashed her just to instigate and get a reaction. Ramona is once again extremely hostile and angry. She gets in Kristen’s face and tells her to never get her wet again.

They all sit down to have dinner and the tension is thick. Sonja makes an off-handed comment about how splashing is so very immature and she hasn’t done it since she was 7 and that Ramona just isn’t a mean person. Ha! Heather just wants everyone to calm down and have some fun, so that’s why she’s arranged for an Elvis impersonator to stop by for dinner. Kristen is obviously thrilled, but Ramona is not impressed with the impersonator that the Berkshires has to offer. Kristen says that Heather is a true friend for planning this and it’s helped her forget all about the drama.

Escape Route

While everyone else is enjoying breakfast, Ramona is planning her escape. She calls a friend who has a private plane in the Berkshires and he agrees to meet her around 11am to get her out of here. Carole notices she’s packing, but Ramona just claims she’s organizing her things.

Ramona claims that she feels uncomfortable at breakfast because she’s nervous about upsetting Kristen again so she can’t wait to leave. But she puts on her hiking gear (which Sonja finds offensively ugly) and pretends to be excited about a hike. Once again, Carole is on to Ramona’s strange behavior.

On their hike, Heather wants everyone to feel the energy of the woods and hug a tree. But Ramona gets emotional when she starts talking about how the woods remind her of her troubled childhood. Carole tells her that she needs to work through those issues because the way she acted was inappropriate.

Ramona sees a spot that reminds her of her backyard. She tells Carole that she used to have to use her imagination and make mud pies to escape her father’s abuse. She has a meltdown and calls Heather over to tell her she needs to leave right now. Heather is sympathetic and, of course, understanding. When Ramona says she needs a ride from Carole back to the cabin to get her things and then to the airport, Carole realizes the whole thing was planned from the beginning. She says it’s a good act, not Oscar worthy, but maybe People’s Choice or Daytime Emmy worthy.

Kristen and Sonja get into it in the woods when Sonja gets defensive on Ramona’s behalf. She tells Kristen that she doesn’t know what it’s like to be abused like Ramona was, and Kristen says she’s sorry for that but Ramona doesn’t have to take it out on her. Everyone agrees that Ramona probably needs a bit of therapy, but LuAnn says she’ll never see a therapist because she thinks she has perfect mental health.

Carole takes Ramona to the airport where her pilot friend takes care of her luggage for her. Carole appreciates how dramatic her departure is, in true Ramona fashion.


Sonja is disappointed that Ramona left without saying goodbye, which she claims is out of character. It’s funny because it most certainly isn’t. Ramona generally only thinks about one person, and that one person isn’t Sonja.

The ladies resolve to have a good time without her. Heather takes them on a pontoon boat where Sonja cougars all over the 20-year-old boat captain. She makes eyes at him and asks if she can come home with him tonight.

Carole tells Kristen about the things Ramona told her on the boat before she attacked Kristen. She says that Ramona feels like Kristen is not even attempting to get to know her. Kristen is peeved because that was exactly what she said to her in the spa, and she’s just repeating it. Kristen says that Ramona is just another angry b*tch and they’re both glad she’s gone.

That night, the ladies hit downtown Berkshires for dinner. Everyone talks about how pretty Carole looks and they talk about how she’s a “bulls**t bisexual,” which apparently just means she will experiment with ladies but won’t sleep with Sonja. Carole claims it’s because she doesn’t want to have slept with Harry Dubin by association.

LuAnn gets a text from a friend who says that Ramona is at a party in the Hamptons. LuAnn is not amused that Ramona is using the story of her abusive childhood to get her out of hanging out with them in the Berkshires instead of simply leaving. Sonja tells them to stop talking about Ramona, but LuAnn insists that Sonja has been lied to. She says that since Sonja doesn’t live in the real world, it must have hurt a lot when she was slapped with reality.

Kristen says that Ramona is out of control on every level. LuAnn gets another message from her friend in the Hamptons and it’s a picture of Ramona (and her new blow dry) enjoying herself at the party. That really seems to send Sonja over the edge. She does not appreciate that Ramona lied to everyone, including her, to get out of the situation, and she probably planned this all from the beginning.

LuAnn suggests that when they get back to the city they have an intervention for Ramona. She says it will be more fun than just sitting there and being mad at her. I gotta say, it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. If anyone needs a nasty intervention, it’s Ramona Singer. 


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