In this episode of Shadowhunters episode, titled “What Lies Beneath,” Simon begins to try and get to the root of the mysterious mark the Seelie Queen gave him when he was still in the fairy world. Elsewhere, Jace and Clary take it upon themselves to investigate the recent string of mundane murders, which brings Jace face to face with Jonathan once again, and Clary finally meets one of Lilith’s followers.

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Simon Tries to Find Out More About His Mark

In the wake of a mysterious blast emanating from Simon’s forehead as a result of the mark bestowed upon him from the Seelie Queen, Simon stands at odds from the werewolves, as he accidentally injured one of their own. He decides to head right back into the belly of the fairy world to find out the true power of his new mark but at the last second turns to Clary and her affinity for runes for help instead. She deduces that it’s not a Shadowhunter rune, so he turns to Rafael for help. 

Rafael, who is reeling from the recent death of his elderly sister, goes to attack Simon in frustration but is blasted back again by the power emanating from Simon’s mysterious mark. He reverts back to his original plan and decides to return to the fairy world for answers but finds that he can no longer access the realm. Defeated, he returns home to find that Luke is not so subtly kicking him out. 

Alec and Izzy’s mom decides to abruptly drop by the Institute, and Magnus responds by allowing them to host a family dinner at his magical abode. Alec prepares dinner with some divine help from Magnus, and though it was to be a family dinner, it quickly dissolves down to a dinner between Alec, his mother and Magnus. Though Alec anticipates his mother being on edge, she comes in happy as a clam. She finally drops the bomb that she has been classified as a traitor and she will be stripped of her runes, effectively no longer making her a shadowhunter. Though this could be a schism for the family, it ultimately seems to be what fixes the strained relationship between Alec and his mother, as she finally approves of his relationship with Magnus.

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Jace Sees Jonathan Once Again

The attacks on humans by Lilith’s army are still running rampant, and Jace suspects that Jonathan is at the heart of it all. His theory is fueled by the fact that a recent victim narrowly escaped one of Lilith’s soldiers by spraying pepper spray, a solution that wouldn’t have worked it he wasn’t at least part human. Izzy, Jace and Clary decide to investigate the matter further and follow the potential whereabouts of the monster to a club. While there, Jace “sees” Jonathan alone in a room full of mirrors, and a fight ensues until Jonathan abruptly disappears.

While Jaces is elsewhere, Clary and Izzy come face to face with a demon they call “The Owl,” who, unbeknownst to them, is the first of Lilith’s army. In the scuffle, Izzy puts the issue to rest that The Owl is not Jonathan, as her whip had no reaction to the monster. While Izzy and Clary contemplate where Jace is, The Owl is shown rejoining the ranks of Lilith, but his mask fades to show Jace at the altar of Lilith.

Who do you think Rafael’s prisoner in the basement is? Were you happy to see Alec and his mother mend fences? Where do you think Simon will go next? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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