Siren might be the only mermaid show on TV right now, but it’s still – hands down – the weirdest. In the third installment, “Interview with a Mermaid,” we learn more about Ryn and her sister, and I will never look at mermaids the same again. The more that’s revealed about these creatures, the more I’m rethinking my mermaid obsession.

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Ongoing Investigations

There’s two concurrent investigations going in Bristol Cove and the audience knows the solution to them both. The sheriff continues to look into the murder of the man that Ryn killed and he seems to be getting closer. He has a sweatshirt with her blood on it and a sketch artist’s drawing of her face. I don’t think Ryn will do well in prison.

The other involves the missing sailor, Chris. He has the wherewithal to steal a nurse’s phone and text Xander, S.O.S. Xander quickly figures out that amateur sleuthing is harder than it seems, and can’t really follow through with confronting the nurse in person. He and Calvin attempt several times, but they never get the nerve to actually do anything, so Chris continues to be held hostage by the military.

Science Experiments

Chris might be a captive of sorts, but he’s still got it worse than Ryn’s sister. Even though lead scientist, Aldon Decker, is getting into his feelings, he’s still under strict orders to keep doing the experiments on the creature.

Her extracted blood is very valuable, curing rats and what not, so Decker’s sympathy for the sister is unpopular with the Admiral. He’s so enamored with her that he defies orders and halts all extractions because this is what made her so sick. They also have Ben’s picture from the device, so they will probably come knocking on his door in the next episode.

Family Drama

While Ben is busy with Maddie and Ryn, his brother and father are cooking something up over at the business headquarters. They want Ben to come on board as an “environmental consultant,” but I suspect it’s a scheme to bring him back into the fold.

Ben’s parents have a strange and tense relationship. While they aren’t openly hostile to each other, there’s a palpable acrimony, probably having to do with Mr. Pownell’s not-so-secret girlfriend.

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All About Ryn

Ben finally convinces Ryn to calm down a little and come back to the rescue center for some questions and examinations. We learn all sorts of interesting tidbits about Ryn. For one, she’s incredibly smart and adaptable, and aces a memory game Ben designs for her. Also, changing is super hard and hurts them every time they do it. They also need salt water to turn. This tiny little wisp of a girl tops the scale at 196, suggesting she has really dense bones. She’s got insanely acute reflexes, kicking the table across the room when Ben tests them. She also confesses that there are many like her, but when they’re in the water they have to fight – it’s kill or be killed.

Mermaid’s First Party

Tired of all the prodding and invasions, Ryn leaves with the hapless Jerry to go to a party at the aptly named “Siren Song” motel. Once there, it kind of seems like she’s having a good time, and inexplicably, she has a really high tolerance for alcohol. Even after chugging several beers, Ryn never gets drunk.

She and Maddie have to duck into one of the rooms to hide from the police. While they’re there, they do a little bonding, and Maddie teaches Ryn about trust and faith, and she catches on pretty quick. I told you she was smart.

Later, after the party, Ben and Maddie try to get Ryn settled on their pullout couch, but once the light turns off, she climbs into bed in between them. This is a little tongue in cheek for Freeform, but it was also sort of sweet. Evidently, Maddie’s lesson about trust really sank in.

What do you think about that last scene in the bedroom? Is Freeform pushing boundaries?

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