Supernatural is coming back early in 2012, and it’s bringing along one of my favorite guest stars of last year. The first new episode of the year, “Adventures in Babysitting,” will include the triumphant return of Hunter helper and conspiracy nut Frank Devereaux.

Played by Kevin McNally, Frank first appeared in this season’s “Slash Fiction” as an expert counterfeiter who helped Sam and Dean go off the grid to avoid the Leviathans.

In this new clip, we see Frank and Dean working together to set up surveillance, complete with “costumes” and a ride on a cherry picker. Dean may not be scared of much, but he doesn’t seem that comfortable with heights.

“Adventures in Babysitting” will also feature a number of other guest stars, led by Once Upon a Time‘s Little Red Riding Hood, Meghan Ory, as a vampire who appears to take Sam and another Hunter hostage. Obviously the aftermath of Bobby’s presumed death has caused the boys to split up once again and deal with it in their own ways.

Supernatural returns Friday at 9pm on the CW.

(Image and videos courtesy of the CW)

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