Supernatural is about to get one step closer to closing the Gates of Hell forever. In the next new episode, “Taxi Driver,” Sam is tasked with the second of God’s trials, and this one involves going to Hell to bring back an innocent soul.

In this clip, we see Sam and Dean meeting up with a reaper who can get them to Hell. But this isn’t just any reaper, he’s the guy who took Bobby to Hell. Yes, even though the Winchesters burned his bones, it seems Crowley was feeling particularly dickish and decided that Bobby was going to spend eternity in Hell.

So now the trial is about much more than just closing the Gates of Hell, it’s about saving Bobby’s eternal soul.

Once again, Supernatural is modernizing classic tales. In Greek mythology, visitors to Hades traveled there via a ferryboat run by Charon who would transport souls of the newly deceased across the River Styx. In the world of Supernatural, Charon is apparently a taxi driver.

Going to Hell might seem like a big move, but it’s nothing new for the Winchesters. Sam was trapped there when he jumped into the cage to trap Lucifer at the end of season 5 and Dean was tortured for years in Hell after making a deal with a Crossroads Demon at the end of season 3. This time around, Sam is going solo, which leaves Dean with nothing to do but wait 24 hours and hope Sam returns from Hell, soul intact this time, and with Bobby.

Supernatural airs Wednesday, April 3 at 9pm on the CW. This will be the last new episode before the show takes its final hiatus of season 8, but the final four episodes will return starting April 24.

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(Image and videos courtesy of the CW)

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