Almost every episode of Supernatural season 8 seems like a backdoor pilot for a potential spin-off. We had the Nazi Hunter and his Golem, Witch Cop and his Dog Girlfriend and now a plucky group of Teen Vampire Slayers. Why is the CW wasting time with The Originals when Supernatural‘s writers are tossing out new show ideas every week?

In “Freaks and Geeks,” Krissy Chambers returns and she’s part of a group of teen Hunters living with the world’s worst foster dad. This episode takes a very dark turn towards the end, but it’s still a perfect set-up for a spin-off that I want to happen, even though it never will.

Teen Slayers

The episode starts with two kids making out in a car, one of whom is Krissy Chambers, the Hunter’s daughter Dean bonded with last season. It’s just a trap for a vampire who attacks them, but then gets his head chopped off.

This daring act was pulled off by Krissy, Aiden and Josephine, a trio of teen vampire hunters out for revenge against the monsters who killed their families. They’re young and inexperienced, but eager to kill. Sam and Dean show up and track them down (because they’re much better Hunters) and aren’t too pleased that these kids are facing monsters all on their own.

Krissy was supposed to get out of the Hunter’s life, but she tells Dean that her dad was killed, so she was pulled back in. Man, Supernatural is a really, REALLY depressing show. Any time there’s even the slightest glimmer of hope, like a young girl escaping the Hunter’s life to live like a normal person, they bring her back more damaged than ever.

Victor’s Foster Home for Young Hunters

Krissy and the gang bring Sam and Dean back to their home to meet Victor, the foster dad who trains the kids to be Hunters while making sure they clean their rooms and do their homework. It seems like a pretty nice place to live, which naturally means it’s not at all. Sam is more OK with it because he’s always embraced the idea that Hunters can live normal lives while Dean, the pessimistic martyr of the Winchester family, wants Krissy to get out of Hunting and stay out because it’s impossible to live a normal life.

A Very Dark Turn

It turns out that the vampires Victor is sending his kids after aren’t really the ones who killed their families, but freshly-turned ones created by a vamp in a hoodie Victor is working with. Once everyone is gathered in the home, the truth comes out, and it’s a whole lot darker than I expected.

Victor actually hired Hoodie Vamp to kill Krissy, Aiden and Josephine’s families to force them to turn to him so he could train them to become Hunters. Yeah, I told you it was dark. Krissy isn’t too pleased and, using a trick she learned from Dean, she kills Vamp Hoodie, then pulls a gun on Victor, the real monster in all of this. Dean tells her that she can’t kill a human, but she pulls the trigger anyway.

Luckily, the gun isn’t loaded. Krissy turns out to be a total bad-ass, making Victor fear for his life then vowing that they’ll let him live all alone with what he’s done, the worst punishment she can imagine. Victor, on the other hand, pulls a gun and kills himself. At least this means Krissy, Aiden and Josephine can probably stay in the house.

A Shot at a Normal Life

In the epilogue, Krissy tells Dean she’s staying there with Josephine and Aiden because they’re like a little family unit. She promises they won’t go looking for monsters, but if any come to their town, they’ll be prepared. Dean is OK with this and promises to have Garth check in on them (which perfectly sets up D.J. Qualls to be in the Krissy spin-off of my dreams). There’s even romantic tension between Krissy and Aiden. Seriously, all the elements are there for an amazing CW show.

Sam and Dean leave, hoping that if they close the Gates of Hell, maybe Krissy and her friends (and even Sam and Dean themselves) can live normal lives. Wow, it’s like they’ve never seen a single episode of this show. In the Venn Diagram of Supernatural and happy endings, there’s nothing in the middle. If I were Sam and Dean, I wouldn’t start picking out baby names or signing up for softball teams quite yet.

Next week on Supernatural: It’s time for the second trial as Sam goes to Hell to rescue an innocent soul. And Benny returns!

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