Stitchers reveals the reason for Kirsten’s neurosync issues in this episode — but there’s an easy fix, and it just means a change in Kirsten and Cameron’s relationship (and a filter from Linus during stitching).

Also in “Perfect,” the team investigates when a divorce lawyer is killed, and the suspects include his ex-wife, a plastic surgeon he had an affair with and a woman he thought was perfect.

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Just Because They’re Together Doesn’t Mean They’re Not Still Waiting

Kirsten and Cameron just got together (and he even met her mother), but their relationship is already being tested. After her brain is once again flooded with oxytocin during a stitch, Linus figures out that it’s not because of the victim.

Kirsten’s brain chemistry has changed since she escaped her own memory loop and is now flooded with oxytocin because of Cameron. (Levels rise within the first six months of relationships.) The more physically intimate they are, the more it will mess with her ability to stitch, meaning while Linus can program a filter, the couple does have to slow things down to holding hands and cuddling. And since she wants to stitch in order to perfect the tech and save her mother, that’s what they have to do.

Can you do anything but laugh at this? Not really. However, there are only so many times someone can comment about cold showers and no way for Cameron to release the pressure he’s under, so hopefully that’s confined to this episode.

When Kirsten comments that it’s harder than she thought it would be, Cameron takes it to mean she thought it would be easy to not be together physically. But she reminds him, “Do you know how long I waited for you?” to which he protests, “Not nearly as long as I was willing to wait for you. And I’m still willing to wait for you, if that’s what you need.” He doesn’t want her to give up on her mother, but “I just don’t think your heart is breaking like mine is over the fact that we physically can’t be together,” he explains, and their conversation ends there when she leaves.

Kirsten does get in some sisterly bonding with Ivy since she can’t go home, but their conversation leads to a reminder that there won’t be any makeup sex in her and Cameron’s future. Camille had Kirsten go elsewhere for the evening since she has Amanda over; she shares with the ME that she plays the guitar, something she’s kept to herself so no one could judge her. And Ivy’s already planning on having Linus help her with her “flexibility.”

But no relationship is perfect, as Fisher points out at the close of the case. What matters is finding the answer to the only question that matters: “After you get older and the excitement fades, will [you] still be happy to spend the rest of [your] lives together?”

So while the other romances heat up, Kirsten and Cameron deal with their hearts breaking that they can’t be together physically by spending the night cuddling in bed and watching a movie.

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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

There’s more to what Maggie does than sitting behind a desk and getting the name of the victim, as Cameron quickly learns. Camille doesn’t just magically have the information handy when it comes time to run down a case for everyone. But even hungover (and annoyed that she might have lost out on a career-changing promotion because she went with Linus’ “everyone deserves to be trusted” when it came to Ivy, and it looks like he just wants to date her), Camille does what she can to help.

Mark Broden, a divorce lawyer in the middle of his own divorce from a fashion model, was shot in his penthouse. Kirsten stitches and learns that he had an affair and cheated on another woman, whose face was wrapped in bandages. And there was yet another woman in his bed the night he died — of asphyxiation. He was already dead when someone shot him.

And that someone is his ex-wife, who thought he was sleeping at the time. Even though she changed herself for him, it was never enough and it cost her her career. Then he started sleeping with the plastic surgeon, Dr. Sophia Torres.

But what killed Mark before his ex-wife shot him? The team thinks he was poisoned after Fisher sprays himself in the face with Botox-laced coconut water while checking out his apartment. (Fisher kept his mouth shut, so he’s fine.)

That makes Sophia the prime suspect, and she even ends up confessing to the crime while holding a syringe of Botox to Cameron’s neck. She had work done for Mark because he wanted her to be perfect — she was the woman in bandages in the stitch — but it was never enough and just turned her into someone she knew no one would want. However, there’s no evidence of Botox in his body, so Mark never drank the water.

They then focus on the third woman in the stitch, “Miss Perfect,” as she’s been nicknamed because that’s what Mark thought of her. Kirsten stitches again, this time with Camille piloting since Cameron’s hands have been shaking during the last couple stitches, and sees Mark putting Miss Perfect in a hidden space in the wall before his death.

Fearing that the woman is still in that space, Fisher and Camille rush to Mark’s apartment, only to find that Miss Perfect is a doll. (And since Mark had to move her arm for her in the stitch and didn’t come across as a guy who would hide a woman behind a wall, I saw that coming.) While she (obviously) couldn’t have killed Mark, she is equipped with audio and video capabilities, so she might have recorded what happened. That means a trip to Valley of the Love Dolls to access that information.

There, Kirsten and Cameron meet Sam and Julie, who won’t give them access to their system without a warrant but do offer to show them how they make the “companions.” Mark always wanted enhancements and kept making changes, but Sam insists that his employees are just artists and wouldn’t get angry enough to become killers. He and Julie also reveal that Sam once punched a guy who made a comment about her looks at a bar and … I think everyone can see where this is going.

Linus discovers that Mark died from a severe allergic reaction to the latex of the doll, latex that he specified not be used in his order. Miss Perfect was actually his second doll; he returned the first because she wasn’t beautiful enough, and Julie was the body model for that doll.

They get a confession from Sam, but Cameron is also held hostage with a syringe to his neck (again). After Fisher shoots Sam in the shoulder, Cameron knocks him out with a doll arm and hates that Fisher’s the one to come up with calling him “armed and dangerous.”

What do you think of the latest obstacle in Kirsten and Cameron’s relationship? How do you think Cameron is handling his promotion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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