One of the most highly anticipated episodes of Supernatural‘s third season will be airing tomorrow night at 9pm.  Entitled “Mystery Spot,” the episode finds Dean dying over and over again in a variety of grisly and comedic ways, in a twisted take on the old formula made famous in the film Groundhog Day.   It’ll be up to Sam to save him, but since Dean is destined to die due to a pact he made with a demon, who knows if his terrible fate can be averted.

To get fans ready for tomorrow night’s exciting romp with the Winchesters, the CW has provided us with two exclusive clips from the new episode.

The first clip shows Sam (Jared Padalecki) trying to prove to Dean that they’re stuck in some sort of time loop.  Sam has lived this particular Tuesday over 100 times, and every single time Dean dies.  The clip features some hilarious banter between the brothers that really highlights what a great episode this is bound to be.

The second clip takes place on another of the repeating Tuesdays, as Sam is starting to piece together what’s happening.  They’re in the same diner, and Sam is getting used to knowing exactly what’s going to happen.  However, Dean (Jensen Ackles) thinks it’s just a strong case of deja vu.

I’m even more excited for this episode after viewing these clips.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a hilarious installment stuck in a repeating time loop in “Life Serial,” and The X-Files had a classic episode called “Thursday” where Mulder couldn’t stop a bank from exploding.  This device was also used on Star Trek: The Next Generation, and each time it has made for one of my favorite episodes of each series.  I have a feeling “Mystery Spot” will be no exception.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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