William Shatner has made quite a name for himself in Hollywood.  After starring as Captain Kirk on the original Star Trek series, he went on to do numerous notable film and television projects, including T.J. Hooker, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Miss Congeniality 1 and 2 and The Practice.  Now, he portrays the eccentric Denny Crane on ABC’s legal dramedy, Boston Legal.

Despite all that he has accomplished, however, Shatner seems to see nothing significant in the 50 or so years he has spent in the entertainment industry.

“I’ve done nothing. What have I done? I’ve blundered my way through life,” Shatner said in the January 2008 issue of Details magazine.  “So I have my picture on the wall.  The minute I die, that picture will start to yellow and fade and eventually be gone.  Blown in the wind and become part of the molecular structure of something else.  These things we see as ‘success,’ they’re non-accomplishments.”

Even winning an Emmy and a Golden Globe for Boston Legal hasn’t been enough to convince William Shatner of his high celebrity status, saying that although he enjoys performing, he knows that it will all come to an end someday.

“Careers are here and they’re gone,” he said.  “I enjoy performing, and I feel lately like I’ve reached the apex of what I can do as a performer.  Even my memory for dialogue has never been sharper.  But no matter how great we think we are, we’re nothing but the temples of Ozymandias—we’re ruins in the making.”

That all said, the Boston Legal star remains driven and highly-motivated.  He continues to be inspired, and is willing to keep working for as long as he can.

“Life motivates me. Ideas motivate me,” William Shatner explained.  “I want to do a talk show. I have ideas for three animated films. I’m nearly finished with my autobiography.  I continue to write Star Trek-themed novels.  My daughter [Lisbeth] and I have extremely successful websites and a video blog, even though my computer’s still in the box it arrived in.  As long as my body holds up, my mind is as willing as it’s ever been.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Details
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