Can the Winchester brothers ever find a way to trust each other again? This time the divide between them is worse than ever before. And, they need to work together to face the troubles coming their way. 

I spoke with Supernatural Executive Producer Jeremy Carver to get his take on the brotherly troubles, Crowley’s blood addiction, the First Blade and Mark of Cain, and even a bit on Snooki. Read on for edited excerpts of our conversation.

Supernatural has cameos before, like Paris Hilton, why was Snooki right for this episode?

Why was Snooki wrong? [Laughs] First of all, she was wonderful and she had a great sense of fun that she brought to the role and we really appreciate her coming aboard to do it. She was more than willing to play a role where she poked a little bit of fun at herself and at the boys. In regards to Snooki, I thought she was great.

Over the last few episodes, we’ve seen the brothers on the outs. They’ve had problems before, but it’s never been this bad. Is it too late for them to find forgiveness and to trust each other again?

Is it too late? I don’t think it’s too late. I think it’s going to be a question of how do they find it and when it’s gonna come and what it’s gonna take for these guys to sort of lay down the arms as it were and come back together. 

I think you’re right that this rupture is a little bit deeper. Some things that were said and done cut a little deeper this time. They might not know and they might not see it, but I don’t think it’s ever too late.

It seems like that all the problems they’ve had over the years has been compounded even though they have come back together. Was it a build to this big divide?

That’s the struggle here between these two guys. I think what we’re doing is dealing with two growing, maturing men who have been through many many years of essentially war together. I think it’s inevitable that fissures are going to happen and the question is and the balance is and the challenge is — as I think it is for all of us — what can family save you from? What ruptures can families heal as it were. I think they’re constantly being tested with this.

In “Blade Runners,” we see that Crowley admits to his addition to human blood. Will we see comparison or contrasting to when Sam was using Demon’s blood?

I don’t think you’ll see a direct comparison. You’ll see that certainly Sam has the benefit of his experience, but we’re not going to see flashbacks like: Crowley shooting up and then Sam shooting up. We’re not going to do that sort of thing. But it’s pretty much understood in the story as written that Sam knows what he’s talking about here.

The Winchester brothers refer to Crowley as Human, does Crowley want to go in that direction or does he want to go back to his Demon self?

I think you’re asking the existential question of the season for Crowley of what does he want? Ever since he was led down this path at the end of last year and ever since Abaddon started challenging for his throne, that’s the question he’s asked himself in the episodes we’ve seen and in the moments in between the episodes. “What do I truly want?” And, that’s a question that will essentially haunt Crowley for the rest of this season certainly.

How is the Mark of Cain affecting Dean and causing him trouble?

In this week’s episode, you’ll see Dean come in contact with the First Blade for the first time. So the question of what happens when the one man with the Mark of Cain actually comes in contact with the First Blade, that’s a storyline that jumps off this week.

Now that Supernatural has been renewed for Season 10, will this season be moving towards completing these storyline and starting new ones next season. Or do you see some storylines carrying over to next season?

I think every season deserves a payoff of some sort for the fans and for the characters. I think you’ll get a payoff, but some storylines may carry over in terms of what’s happening with our characters. Knowing that we have a season 10 allows us to go deeper with some of our characters and perhaps give them a bit more issues to deal with at the end of the season than they would normally be dealing with. I think you’ll see a mix of both.

Any upcoming guest stars we can look forward to seeing?

You’ll see Henry Winchester. You’ll see a flashback to him in 917. And, one other I can mention is that we’ll see Jody Mills returning in episode 19.

Supernatural airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm ET on the CW.

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