Can I just say WOW? I mean, I really didn’t see this one coming. What an episode! It’s episodes like this that make me wish The Following aired for a full season instead of just half. Joe and Emma manage to take over Corbin, as well as re-introduce Joe to the world. Meanwhile, in true fashion, just when Ryan gets close to getting more information on Joe’s whereabouts, his leads get killed off. And an unsuspecting character makes a return!

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Praise Joe — His Name Will Live Forever

In the crazy land of Corbin, Micah sees a report on Lily Gray and says he wants to “make a splash” to the world. Joe, of course, feeds into his, letting him make a video to release to the world. They enlist Emma, Robert and a crazy killer named Lance to head to New York to cause havoc at a Carrie Cooke book signing and deliver the video to her. Emma gives Carrie instructions to release the video or she’ll be killed.

While the trio is gone, Micah asks for Joe’s advice on what to do with his wife, Julia. Joe doesn’t disappoint and not only suggests he kill her, but he does the killing himself.

When the group arrives back at camp sans Lance, they await for the video to be aired on the news. They all toast to immortality, but, of course, Micah’s glass is laced with poison and he dies right after he sees the video of Joe, not him.

The video is so creepy and disturbing. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from Joe. After Micah “goes home,” Joe has Robert gather the cult and introduce him as the new leader. You can truly see that he’s back. Praise Joe!

Always One Step Behind

It seems Ryan Hardy never seems to disappoint, either. Max manages to narrow down the list of female FBI agents who could be the leak, which leads them to Gina Mendez. They learn that her security credentials were used to access Debra Parker’s files the year before. Ryan confronts Mendez about this. She denies it and heads to her partner Jana’s home to find out what’s going on.

Mendez confronts Jana, who is not all together, as she had a psychotic breakdown after their first child was born. Jana goes crazy and stabs Mendez. She heads back into her home, where she was entertaining guests, like nothing happened. However, she heads to pack a bag and flee. She doesn’t get far, as Mike and Ryan are right behind Mendez. And just when you think they’ll get info on Joe’s whereabouts from Jana, she kills herself, of course. Mendez, however, is going to be okay.

Mike and Ryan clear the house and take computer files from Jana before the police get to it for their private investigation. That information leads them to Carrie Cooke’s book signing in New York, but they couldn’t get there in time. And again, as they investigate the scene, they see Lance holding an officer at knifepoint, so of course, police shoot him before Ryan can even get a question out.

When they get back to Ryan’s apartment, they see the report with Carrie on the news, even though Carrie told Ryan that Emma didn’t say anything to her. But he’s clearly not mad, because when she comes over later, they hook up. Bonding over their lives being threatened. Seems to be Ryan’s MO. But we all know what happens when Ryan gets close to anyone.

Back to Life

It seems that Joe was not the only one who “came back to life” this episode. As Mike leaves Ryan’s apartment, he gets a random phone call but doesn’t tell Ryan where he’s going. He gets into an SUV, which leads him to another car, where he puts on a hood. They seem to drive all night. They arrive at a building and Mike walks into a room where … wait for it … Claire Matthews is waiting! And she is not happy that Joe is alive.

I cannot believe that Claire is alive. I mean, I thought maybe in the beginning she was, but I forgot about it. And so much other stuff was going on with the Lily Gray and Corbin storylines. I am happy that it’s all about Joe now. But I am very curious to see what will happen now that we know Claire is alive. When will Ryan find out? What’s Joe going to do?

As much as I was surprised about Claire being alive, I do feel the rest of episode was predictable, which is okay by me because I really do love to hate Joe. He’s so manipulative, it’s impressive. I am so glad that crazy Micah is gone. He was so hopped up on praising Joe, he was too stupid to realize he was drinking the same poison he used to kill his followers. Amazing.

I can only assume that Carrie Cooke is most likely going to be the next victim, but who knows? As Joe said, no one is safe. Nowhere is safe. All I have to say is I am prepared for the Age of Joe Carroll.

The Following airs Mondays at 9pm on FOX.

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