Last time on Bones, Booth and Brennan worked with CIA agent Danny Beck (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) to track down the murderer of a CIA asset.  We also learned that Daisy failed her oral exams for her doctorate. A compassionate Brennan spilled the shocking information that she, too, failed her oral exams.

In this week’s episode of Bones, “The Repo Man in the Septic Tank,” sees the team in hot pursuit of a killer while welcoming a new Jeffersonian squintern, Rodolfo Fuentes, played by guest star Ignacio Serricchio.

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A New Intern Arrives

The show opens with Brennan and Booth discussing whether or not Christine should attend church. Brennan is rather reluctant to expose her daughter to the church’s teachings, even though it is important to Booth, who is rescued by the ringing phone. There are remains in a septic tank in Virginia, and Brennan tells her husband that she needs the entire septic system brought to the lab to limit contamination. What could go wrong with this scenario?

Cam also introduces Brennan to a prospective intern. Brennan doesn’t want a new intern, but since there is no one available that day, she takes a peek at his resume. Bones is impressed as Dr. Fuentes was the forensic anthropologist for the government of Cuba. Since being granted asylum in the US, he has to earn his degree all over again and needs an internship.

Church Can Be Healthy

Meanwhile, as Sweets delves into why someone would dispose of a body in a septic tank, Booth is itching to get to something even more important — his desire for his daughter to have religion in her life. Sweets recommends that Booth downplay the spiritual aspect of church and emphasize the health benefits.

Death by Drowning

As the team examines the remains, Fuentes jumps in and states that the remains belong to a male. Brennan swiftly lets him know that she did not ask the question yet. The new squintern is having better luck flirting with Angela and Cam, until Brennan sends him into the tank to look for missing bones. Yikes!

Fuentes discovers a fingernail and concludes that the victim was placed in the tank while still alive, and Cam confirms his findings. The victim also has an old stabbing injury to his rib that occurred about six months prior to his death, and other injuries consistent with a beating.

The victim is identified as 24-year-old Benny Jerguson, who was just released from prison after serving a sentence for grand theft auto. Officer Fowler, Benny’s parole officer, comes in to meet with Sweets and Booth, and he is perplexed. He thought that Benny, who was working as a repo man, was on the correct path. Benny’s boss was being sued by a woman who said that she felt threatened when Benny came to take her car.

Repo Man Blues

Sweets and Booth go to see Georgia Grace, who is the owner of the repo company. The lawsuit is a nuisance suit, and she has all of her employees audio record all repossessions. Although Benny was sleeping there most nights, the owner doesn’t have his recorder. She does point the finger at Graham, who threatened Benny with a knife when the ex-convict repossessed his food truck.

 After conducting a sting, Sweets and Booth confront the food truck owner who is selling drugs along with food items. Grant’s alibi checks out, and he is not the killer.

Flirting with Disaster

Fuentes and Brennan continue to butt heads as they discuss the possibility that the victim’s injuries were caused from a car accident. Dr. Fuentes also turns the charm on Brennan, and he predicts that there is definitely some sexy time in their future. Brennan rebuffs his advances and threatens to have him sent back to Cuba.

Hodgins finds tree spores in the remains of Benny’s clothing. Fuentes speculates that the victim snagged his clothes running through the woods, a theory that is supported by bone damage from a compound fracture to the victim’s leg. Hodgins also finds evidence that they are looking for a Kia or Hyundai model without an airbag. It turns out that the car that Benny crashed was his own, and it was sold for scrap a week after it was found.

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Friends and Enemies

Brennan, Cam and Angela discuss the case and how handsome, and arrogant, Fuentes is. After looking at photos of the car, Brennan concludes that there was also a passenger at the time of the crash.

Benny’s parole officer brings a file to Booth. Benny’s best friend, Horatio Mancini, was also in jail. Benny obtained his early parole because he was cooperating with the warden about how Horatio was shaking down other prisoners. Due to over-crowding, Horatio was also released early, about one week before Benny was killed.

Kitchens are Dangerous

Dr. Fuentes gets handsy with Brennan during a re-enactment of the car accident, and she slams him down against the table. Way to go, Bones! While Brennan and Booth discuss Fuentes, Booth is not happy that the intern wants to have sex with his wife. Brennan tells her husband that she believes that all of her male interns would like to have sex with her. Hilarious! Booth feels better when Brennan tells Booth that she would never let anything come between them.

They find Horatio at the restaurant where he is a valet. After Horatio runs off, the duo catch up with him in the kitchen. A mighty struggle ensues with Horatio pulling a knife on Booth and Brennan accidentally pelting Booth with lettuce. Booth finally prevails.

Bad Decisions

In the interrogation room, Horatio explains that Benny was being regularly beaten in prison and was stabbed once. He tells Booth that he told Benny to talk to the warden in order to get an early release. Horatio reveals that he told his friend to stay away from him the week before Benny’s death. Benny begged for the encryption codes to steal a BMW, saying that he didn’t have a choice.

Fuentes finds a piece of silicon chip in the victim’s rib. He also confides to Hodgins and Angela that his father always wanted him to come to America, and that his success now is to honor his father. Angela discovers that the silicon chip found in Benny’s rib, and in the septic tank, was from a digital recorder. Angela is able to pull a short audio clip where Benny tells someone that he doesn’t want to steal cars anymore.

Sweets plays the audio clip for Georgia Grace. He thinks that she only hired Benny so that he could make her extra money by stealing luxury cars. She refuses to talk anymore. Angela is able to work on an animated reconstruction of the accident, which shows that the killer would have bone injuries to her arm and skull. Grace’s X-ray comes out clean, so she is not the killer.

And the Killer Is…

Sweets has a theory that the parole officer had Benny steal the cars, as the dates of the thefts corresponded to the dates that Benny met with Fowler. Booth has Fowler come in and go through security. Brennan is manning the monitor to see if Fowler has the corresponding injuries from the car crash. He has a skull fracture with glass and metal embedded in his scalp. Booth takes him into custody.

At the Jeffersonian, Hodgins prepares ropa vieja to surprise Fuentes. Booth and Brennan are at home, and religion comes up again. Brennan remarks that Christine should go to church as an exercise in freedom, but she trusts her to come to a rational conclusion. Brennan does want to bring Christine to the museum of natural history after church. Ah, compromise!

I enjoyed this episode of Bones, especially the introduction of the new intern.

Bones airs Mondays at 8pm on FOX.

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