Supernatural season finales are always a bit of a downer. There was the car accident in season 1, opening the Devil’s Gate in season 2, Dean going to Hell in season 3, Lucifer rising in season 4, Sam going to Hell in season 5 and now, maybe the worst ending ever. I don’t mean that it’s not a good episode, I mean that it’s a very bad situation for Sam and Dean.
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Sam vs. Sam vs. Sam

A large chunk of the episode takes place inside Sam’s brain after Castiel knocks down the wall protecting his brain from memories of Hell in order to keep the boys busy while he opens a door to Purgatory.

In Sam’s mind, he’s shattered into three people. The first is his good soul, but it has no memory of who he is. The second is Soulless Sam, who remembers everything Sam has ever done on Earth. The final one is Hell Sam, who remembers the pain and anguish he suffered in the cage with Lucifer and Michael.

Sam’s brain operates under Highlander rules, which means there can be only one, and killing another Sam gives you all of his power. Sam kills his soulless self, then meets up with the sad and miserable Hell Sam, who doesn’t even want to put up a fight he’s so broken.

Sam kills him, remembers what it was like in Hell, but someone manages to wake up in the real world and still walk around with that memory. But he doesn’t look very good.

Angels vs. Demons

In the real world, Cas and Crowley find out how to open the door to Purgatory by killing Dr. Visyak. But she was my favorite! Cas finally does something decent when he turns on Crowley after getting all the ingredients, vowing that Crowley won’t get a single soul from Purgatory. Nice double cross, Cas.

A less entertaining double cross comes when Balthazar helps Dean and Bobby by telling them where Cas is. Castiel, who has his ear to the ground, learns of this betrayal and in one supremely awful move, he kills Balthazar. Come on, Supernatural, you just killed my two favorite new characters from season 6. And it seals Castiel’s fate as a bad guy.

It’s also bad because now Cas has no protection from Crowley, who comes back having made a deal with Raphael. You just can’t trust anyone on this show, angel or demon. Cas gives them the blood to do the ritual, which they perform, but Cas switched the blood.

Dean and Bobby try stopping this, but two humans, great as they are, don’t belong in a fight between angels and the King of Hell. Cas returns, having opened the door to Purgatory and taken all of its souls for himself. So now he’s Super Cas, and he snaps his fingers to kill Raphael. That’s three deaths in one episode, but at least Crowley flees to fight another day.

Castiel then sets his sights on Dean and Bobby, not too pleased that they tried to stop him. Just then, a weakened Sam arrives to stab Cas with an angel-killing knife.

But Cas isn’t dead. He slowly pulls it out, revealing that he’s no longer an angel, he’s the new God! Uh-oh. You know that saying about absolute power corrupting absolutely? Well, Cas is waaaaay beyond that point. He’s gone totally insane with power, demanding that Sam, Dean and Bobby kneel before him and worship him.

That’s how season 6 ends, with Cas as the new God ready to unleash some serious Old Testament style vengeance on anyone who stands in his way. It’s safe to assume that he’s now all villain, but how do you fight God? I guess we’ll have to wait until the fall to find out.

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