The Internet has created some ethical grey areas when it comes to television, and this is one of them. An extra on the set of Glee who was in attendance for the upcoming prom episode went on Twitter and dropped a giant, flaming bag of spoilers on the doorstep of Glee fans by revealing the winner of the school’s races for Prom King and Queen.

Glee executive producer Brad Falchuk immediately responded on Twitter announcing that the extra is fired, adding: “”Who are you to spoil something talented people have spent months to create?”

I admire Falchuk’s stand, but at the same time, do I need to point out that we’re talking about a TV show’s high school prom episode? It’s not like the extra revealed nuclear launch codes, nor is Glee so special and original that it deserves to be protected more than any other show. I remember spoilers coming out for the series finale of Lost, which was a lot bigger than Glee‘s prom, and the world is still rotating on its axis.

This brings up the ethical dilemma I’m posed with. Do I write about the spoiler, thus giving it even more exposure, or do I leave it alone and pray that fans are smart enough to avoid it on their own? Part of me wants to choose the second option, but then I see that other sites chose the first, thus making my decision for me. I could not write about it and take the moral high ground, but since everyone else is doing it, why not me?

It’s like going to a water park and knowing that everyone else is peeing in the pool. If there’s already so much urine in the water, will it really matter if I do it too, as wrong as it is?

SPOILER WARNING: Seriously, stop reading now!

The Glee extra revealed that the McKinley High Prom Queen is Kurt while the Prom King is Karofsky.

See, that was so damn juicy that not doing it would’ve been a bigger sin.

I’m trying to hold off judgment until I see exactly how this all pans out, because if these spoilers are true, they make absolutely no sense to me at this time. I may not be a TV writer, but I find it very hard to envision any plausible way the plot unfolds to result in this outcome.

I’m especially confused about how Kurt being named Prom Queen could possibly end well. Earlier this season in “Furt,” Sue Sylvester called Kurt “Lady,” as she always does, and he responded by saying, “You know, when you call me lady, that’s bullying. And it’s really hurtful.” If Glee has any logical consistency, then it stands to reason that Kurt will be devastated by being named Prom Queen.

Similarly, I guess Karofsky’s past sins (like threatening to murder Kurt) will all be forgiven. It’s nice that everyone is so understanding when it comes to threats of violence.

But as I said, we’ll have to see how Glee handles this. For now, if the Glee producers want to avoid this kind of spoiler leakage in the future, the only viable option is to replace all the extras at McKinley with CGI animation.

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