The only person more excited than Supernatural fans about this week’s time-traveling old west episode is Dean Winchester. The show will send Sam and Dean back in time to the wild, wild west to meet up with Samuel Colt for a possible lead on taking out Eve, but more importantly, it gives Dean a chance to play dress-up.

Dean obviously loves the idea of being a cowboy (the Impala is the steel horse he rides). He likes shooting, drinking and letting his actions say everything he needs to say. And, like all great Westerns, Dean finds himself in a shootout at high noon.

“Frontierland” is the unofficial conclusion to the three-part Back to the Future series Supernatural has done. First there was “In the Beginning,” when Dean met his mom in the past, then Sam and Dean went back in time again, rewriting history. And now, just like the third Back to the Future film, they’re traveling to the old west.

While the third film was easily the worst of the Back to the Future franchise, let’s hope the same isn’t true for Supernatural.

“Frontierland” airs Friday at 9pm on the CW.

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(Image and videos courtesy of the CW)

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