Designated Survivor will continue to depict how difficult it is to maintain a sense of diplomacy when it seems that bloodshed is the only goal of those surrounding the president during episode 5 of the hit ABC series.

As President Tom Kirkman, Keifer Sutherland will push the hot-button topic of the United States’ continuing war against terrorism in “The Mission.” Alongside his Chief of Staff Aaron Shore (Adan Canto), he is attempting to make sense of the perilous situation while trying to maintain a sense of normalcy within the White House.

In the final moments of episode 4, the president declared war on Algeria after they refused to cooperate in the arrest of Nassar, the leader of terrorist group Al Sakar, as the main suspect in the bombing of the capitol building.

What We Know so Far

In the series’ previous episode, Majid Nassar hacked the president’s computer, sending him a video containing his statement as being responsible for the Capitol bombing attack. In response, Kirkman called the president of Algeria, who was allowing Nassar to remain in hiding, and asked him to arrest the terrorist.

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“The Mission” will show just how serious Kirkman is about his position as the president of the United States.

After formally declaring war on Algeria, the president will be sending 20 Navy SEALs on a potentially deadly mission to find and either arrest or kill Nassar. This move will define Kirkman’s presidency in the history books. Is he making the right move for the country?

Kirkman will also wrestle with the human side of such a move, defending his position while realizing that these soldiers, who are fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, and sons and daughters, may not return from the dangerous coup.

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The investigation into the Capitol bombing will continue and special agent Hannah Wells (Maggie Q) will set about discovering even more secrets that could potentially lead her closer to insider secrets regarding the tragedy that wiped out the United States government. What will happen when she uncovers the secrets of Room 105?

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Kirkman is emotionally broken when he finds out the Navy SEAL team is attacked. Will they survive? What will this turn of events mean for Kirkman’s presidency and his ability to run the government effectively?

Designated Survivor episode 5, “The Mission,” will air on ABC on Wednesday, Oct. 26 at 10/9c. Want more news? Like our Facebook page.

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