In “The Rattening”, The Magicans once again find themselves split between different worlds, with Quentin and Julia taking a casual trip the Underworld and Eliot and Margo finally coming to blows while the kingdom is taken aback with a rodent problem. And Kady finds a new lead and a new ally in their battle against Reynard.


Eliot is preparing for his second wedding and while his new Idris Elba-esque husband-to-be arrives, Eliot’s wife is still missing, still unbeknownst to him, it’s Margo’s fault. Shortly after his arrival, the soon to-be-husband abruptly turns into a rat due to an unknown magical source.  Margo is still plagued by the fairies who warn her that during her reign, she has pissed off another mysterious source of power and they are the ones in charge of their current rodent problem. 

Eliot drugs the remaining council member and Margo with a truth serum so it finally comes to light that she is the reason for Fenn’s disappearance. Eliot, irate, banishes his bitchy best friend to the dungeons. During extremely exhaustive magic, Eliot slowly starts turning his rats back into servants and in the process, ends up finding himself kicked out of Fillory and back in the halls of Brakebills, possibly kicked off his throne permanently.

Elsewhere on The Magicians

Reynard is now by his son’s side, slyly helping him hone his power, who begins using it for his own personal career gain. Though he is quickly scared of his newfound magical prowess. In a fight with his father, it comes to light that Reynard loved Our Lady Underground and now he’s a jilted man with a chip on his shoulder which explains his vendetta against the world around him. 

Penny, still working for the librarians under The Order, is attempting to get his way into the poison room for the spell to defeat Reynard. And just as all hope is lost, a young, sardonic librarian comes to Penny’s aid with a way to break into the poison room. Reynard’s son comes to Kady to help her defeat him, finally privy to his father’s true colors.  

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The Underworld

Julia and Quentin start on their adventure to the underworld by pulling a Mario Bros. and descending into the city plumbing system via a Greek-inscribed sewer grate. Below the concrete streets, they find a woman clouded in shadows, believed to be the “Ancient One.” However it seems as if Julia’s theory of the Ancient One being a dragon, a talking dragon at that, proves true. For passage into the Underworld, she requires a gift and for the gift, the ancient dragon one asks for Quentin’s button to FIllory. Their bodies stay on Earth, while their souls travel to the Underworld just like how Hercules dives into the river of souls in his own movie. The Underworld isn’t all fire and brimstone and screaming corpses though, but seemingly, a quaint put together hotel, a reflection of their internal sense of the Underworld. 

Due to a clerical error, Julia and Quentin travel to a karmic loop that for some reason takes place at a post mortal bowling alley full of Julia’s magical misfit friends from Season One, one of whom is a mirror image of Reynard. She looks for their help as the OG spirits of the Underworld in finding Julia’s shade. Using them as a clever distraction, Quentin and Julia try and hack into the underworld computer system and find that the shades are kept in a place called Elysium.

The shades, while stuck in this weird, wayward orphanage, perform miracles from beyond the physical realm, like magical little cherubs. It comes to light that Elysium is run by Miss Persephone, the god who Julia worshiped and loved desperately in Season One, also known as Our Lady Underground. And in their search of Elysium, Quentin finds Julia’s shade while Julia finds Alice’s shade. However, they must leave Alice’s shade behind seeing as she has no body in the physical plane anymore and her missing shade is the reason why Quentin could never get the spell to work to bring Alice back from the dead. But Julia, in a final act of defiance (and in a promising show of humanity), chooses to leave her shade in the underworld, effectively sacrificing her well-being, to bring Alice’s shade back with them. 

Do you think Quentin will try once again to bring back Alice?

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