As President Kirkman releases an agenda to reset his presidency in “One Hundred Days,” on Designated Survivor, First Lady Alex Kirkman makes a controversial public statement that threatens to derail it.

Meanwhile, FBI agent Hannah Wells unknowingly finds herself in the center of a dangerous trap while getting closer to the truth.

The president holds a press conference where he discusses his first 100 days in office. He wants to open a new chapter in his presidency as he feels he has been denied this opportunity due to the unique circumstances of his rise to the highest power in the United States. Therefore, he is interested in resetting the clock, allowing his first 100 days in office to begin immediately.

Resetting the Clock

Kirkman is looking to address all the most important issues in his administration by holding a Town Hall meeting to answer questions from the public. He wants to govern and meet the needs of all Americans.

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Hannah continues to look for Brooke Matheson, asking her FBI associate Jack to pull fingerprints off of a wine glass from a photo provided of her by Charles Langdon, who reveals he was in a relationship with Brooke. Emily and Seth work with their internal White House support system to push forward the president’s agenda. He is looking to get the acceptance of the house so he can make his intentions known to the American people.

Aaron Shore Returns to the White House

Former White House Chief of Staff Aaron Shore receives a mysterious call from his cousin Nadia Spinosa, asking for help to further her career in Washington. Nadia and Aaron talk about why he left the White House. It is revealed that Aaron’s childhood is not as happy as was once believed.

First Lady Alex makes her first official appearance fielding questions from the public regarding several key issues. She receives backlash over her comments regarding her take on gun control and pointing the finger at Senator Jack Bowman’s stance on the issue.

Seth and Emily ask Alex to take back her comments and tell the American public that her opinion does not reflect that of the administration. Alex later appears on morning television in an interview to do damage control. Alex is accused of soft pedaling the issue of gun control. She says she is speaking as a citizen and a mother, not as the First Lady.

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Brooke Matheson is identified as the woman who killed Jason’s son. Hannah meets up with Jason to ask for his assistance. After an outburst, Hannah asks Jason to return home after realizing he is not ready to take the challenge on to apprehend his son’s killer. Hannah heads to Brooke’s last known address to see what she can discover about her. An unidentified man is watching Hannah and her informant pal Jack, who learns┬áthat a business named Browning Reed is still paying the property taxes on the building.

While in the building, Jack and Hannah smell gas. A bomb is placed at his apartment and Hannah and Jack nearly escape with their lives.


Kirkman Talks Gun Control

President Kirkman practices for his Town Hall meeting, fielding questions from his cabinet to see how he will handle the tough issues. Emily and Seth ask him to showcase the more personal side of Tom Kirkman. He begins taking questions from the people. Many of the comments are congratulatory towards the new administration and the president brings a sense of calm to the room and the American people.

A woman named Sondra speaks to the president for her daughter Julie who was killed by an ex-boyfriend who was able to get a gun from an unlicensed gun dealer. She asks Kirkman what he will do to prevent something like this from happening again. He says that gun control is the most hot button topics in the nation. Kirkman says he will do everything in his power to ensure that not another American family will experience Sondra’s grief.

Speaker Hookstratten is visited by Aaron Shore, who wants to take her up on an offer to work for Buchanan and Associates as a lobbyist. She replies that he is too talented to work for a lobbyist and offers him a job working for her. Aaron meets up with Emily and tells her he is now the chief strategist for Congresswoman Hookstratten.

The President meets with some of his cabinet members and acknowledges the challenges they will face. He pledges to Senator Bowman to work tirelessly with him on gun control, but Bowman later backpedals on his pledge to work effectively with the president.

An Unlikely Death

Hannah realizes she is being followed by Jason. The two head to a property owned by Browning Reed. Hannah and Jason find they have stumbled on the hideout of Brooke Matheson. Matheson later pulls a gun on the twosome and Jason kills her in self-defense.

Hannah discovers files on Brooke’s computer which show The Golden Gate Bridge, The Hoover Dam and the Statue of Liberty all being destroyed, cementing her worst fears that the terror plot against the United States is far from over.

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