Supernatural is officially back. Now that the second episode of season 11 has concluded, things appear to be getting back to some kind of normal. Of course on this show, normal means a baby eating souls to turn into a little girl.

Yes, it seems Amara the Darkness Baby is this year’s Big Bad, so naturally Crowley wants to team up with her. Meanwhile, Sam finds a cure, but not before a revealing visit from a Reaper and a possible horrifying vision from God.

The Darkness Baby

Dean drops Amara the Darkness Baby off at Jenna’s grandma’s house, but things quickly turn evil. Amara has telekinesis and makes letter blocks spell out “Feed Me” on the wall. Jenna calls Dean back to deal with the possessed baby, but the grandma called an exorcist. Unfortunately, the exorcist is Crowley.

Crowley was drawn to the possessed baby because it’s something powerful and old. However, while Dean and Crowley bicker, Amara uses her magical baby power to eat Jenna’s soul, making her kill her grandma.

Dean fights soulless Jenna, with Crowley helping out by killing her. When Crowley learns that Amara is the Darkness, he wants to use her. The baby has turned into a little girl thanks to eating a soul and she escapes the house. Crowley tracks her down and lures her into his van by offering her some yummy souls.

Sam Finds a Cure

Sam is still infected by the Darkness Zombie disease, with black veins on his neck, and desperately tries to figure out how it works so he can find a cure. Instead, Sam gets a visit from a Reaper who tells him that, since Death is dead, the Winchesters won’t be getting any more extra lives. When they die they won’t go to Heaven or Hell, they’ll be thrown away into the Empty, never to return.

The Reaper’s words about Sam being unclean give him the solution. Curing the Darkness disease requires him to purify his body by burning holy oil. It works, so Sam and the other Darkness Zombies still alive are cured.

Sam also asks God for a sign to help and he gets a vision of himself being tortured with chains in his skin. It kind of looks like what I imagine the Cage is like, making me think that Lucifer and Michael could be involved.

Cas and the Angels

The angels who kidnapped Cas torture him for information on Metatron’s location, but Cas doesn’t know anything. Hannah, now a guy, stops the interrogation because something horrible has happened. Alarms are sounding in Heaven and Cas reveals that it’s because the Darkness is back. Hannah wants to know where to find the Winchesters since they’re responsible, but Cas refuses to sell out his friends.

The angels try to extract the information, but it leads to a fight where Cas kills the two angels who kidnapped him, but not before one of them kills Hannah. Cas runs to the Men of Letters bunker and when the Winchesters finally return home, they find their angel pal on the floor asking for help.

Next week on Supernatural: The Winchesters try to cure Cas by tracking down Rowena while Crowley and his new BFF Amara work together.

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