Last time on The Bastard Executioner, Lady Love managed to fake her way through a pregnancy test. By the end of the episode, though, she and Wilkin were getting even closer to their inevitable hookup. So what will happen during “Thorns/Drain”?

The episode starts with yet another one of Wilkin’s hallucinations. He sees Petra, but it turns out it’s just Jessamy. She’s been creepily watching him. She’s adamant that Wilkin will settle into this life and that Luca will follow in his footsteps. But Wilkin won’t let that happen.

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Annora’s Warning

Annora has some mysterious injury on her hand. She pulls something out of it and it magically closes back up.

Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran’s back and on the move. He and the priest are planning their next move searching for the sacred text. Ed Sheeran wants to split up because he and his men can cover more ground.

Annora knows what’s going down, though. She goes to the Dark Mute and shows him all of the thorns that came out of her hand. “They will begin their search at the castle,” she says. So he goes to get ready.

Annora goes to see another priest and gives him the thorns. He says he doesn’t “deal in remedies,” but she says they’re an omen and that a “danger” and “darkness” is coming. He doesn’t want to hear it, but more thorns come out of her chest. It’s super weird. “The crown of thorns,” she says.

We Finally Meet the Wolf

Lady Love may have avoided trouble last time on The Bastard Executioner, but she still has to produce an heir at some point. She even has Milus post the proclamation about her pregnancy in the market square.

Lady Love and Isabel then go off to pick berries. Two knights want to come, but they insist on going on their own. But they’re kidnapped by two men!

The men have taken Lady Love to introduce her to the Wolf. It turns out he’s her half-brother. And they actually seem to get along. They both want an independent Wales, but Lady Love wants to do it non-violently.

Then he admits that he doesn’t lead many of the rebels and that he didn’t order the attack on her. She says a revolution without a leader is “chaos.” That’s why he needs her help. He knows she’s been hiding jewels and stuff, so he wants her to fund his revolution so that he can lead and train the rebels. She asks if he was there when her husband was killed. He was, but he didn’t kill him. She obviously needs to think about it.

Lady Love and Isabel make their way home when the knights show up and question her. They claim they went to see a bog. Lady Love comes home to find Milus saying he wants to hunt down the Wolf. He has proof that the Wolf gave orders to kill someone. The only thing she can do is say, “Yes.”

Just then, Isabel comes in and says they have a visitor. The priest who was with Ed Sheeran has come to visit Lady Love. Father Ruskin, who had talked with Annora, is there too.

Lady Love goes to her secret hiding place where all her jewels and treasures from her family are. “Please forgive me,” she says. She meets up with her half-brother and gives him the scroll saying that the Wolf gave orders to have someone killed, but he denies it. “I need the big strong Wolf to eat the sad little rat,” she tells him. She promises to find out the truth then gives him the jewels. “We need to help each other,” she says and makes him promise that they’ll work together. “Jesus was a rebel,” he tells her.

Wilkin and Toran’s Mission

Wilkin and Toran go off to the quarry, which Jessamy is very suspicious of. They drive by their friends who were released to work off their sentence.

Wilkin and Toran immediately run into some knights. The knights say that the quarry is where the rebels are, so of course one of them wants to come with them. Naturally, Wilkin and Toran are pretty bummed. The knight hears a noise in their wagon and goes to take a look. It’s full of weapons! They immediately get in a fight and Wilkin kills the knight. They wrap the body up and head off again.

Wilkin and Toran meet up with two other men who promise them and their friends refuge. They’re rebels and Wilkin asks them about the attack that put Lady Love in danger, but they say they had nothing to do with that. Things happen during revolutions, but one of them promises that there won’t be any more attacks on Lady Love. Clearly, he doesn’t have as much influence as he thinks because Lady Love is taken right when he says that.

Jessamy’s Betrayal

Wilkin comes home and tells Jessamy and Luca they have something important to talk about. She keeps calling him “husband” and uses her husband’s name. And Wilkin’s starting to lose it. Then he admits to killing the knight, who was one of the men who killed his wife and unborn child. “Revenge is why I stayed,” he admits and says they need to flee. Jessamy just loses it, but Luca stays strong. He asks if Wilkin will abandon him, but Wilkin says he wouldn’t leave him and calls him “son.”

Toran tells his friends to take care of Jessamy and Luca while they take care of their vengeance. But someone shows up at Wilkin’s door while he’s out and says that the Chamberlain is looking for him. Meanwhile, Wilkin and his friends plan their revenge, but they’re interrupted. Of course, Jessamy goes to Milus to betray Wilkin.

Completely unaware of what Jessamy has done, Milus and Toran get ready to go. Luca tries to warn Wilkin, but some guards show up to bring him to Milus while Jessamy just grins.

Milus and Wilkin’s Deal

Milus goes to talk to Wilkin and Toran and questions them about the dead knight. He says that Jessamy told him the knight had made “vile” comments about her and that Wilkin got so enraged he threatened him. She wanted Milus to lock Wilkin away until he comes to his senses. Milus then finally admits he knows who Wilkin and his friends are.

Milus says that Wilkin, Toran and their friends can have their revenge for what happened in their village if they serve him. Then he calls in one of the knights who was at the village. Milus knocks him out and tells Wilkin and Toran to do whatever they want. He also tells Wilkin that the wife is “quite mad” and that he should “take concern in that,” as if we all didn’t already know.

So Wilkin and Toran decide to torture the man, though Wilkin isn’t feeling too great about it. Wilkin leaves them to go get their friends.

Wilkin and his friends come back to see Toran really going at that guy. It’s horrifying. But Toran needs to know the truth. “I get us what we want, brothers,” he says. Finally, they just let him do what he wants. And the knight reveals who killed Toran’s wife. “It was Locke,” he says. The knight begs Wilkin to kill him and he does. “And so we have vengeance,” Wilkin says.

Will Father Ruskin Have a Change of Heart?

Now that Annora showed Father Ruskin the thorns, he seems to have had a change of heart. He watches that other priest while holding that thorn. So will he fight back against the priest?

Annora, meanwhile, goes to pray while the Dark Mute opens a wardrobe full of weapons and an outfit with a cross on it.

Will Wilkin and Lady Love Ever Get Together?

Lady Love and Wilkin have another one of their weekly talks. He tells her his heart “feels unfamiliar” like it’s from “another man.” He breaks down crying, but she calls him “true” and “good.” “You see me,” he says. He starts to leave, but she says that she had a vision when he touched his wound a while ago. She saw the birth of a boy and she knew he saw it too. He won’t admit it, though, and just walks away.

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